I often talk A LOT about purpose, and about passion. And that’s not because I don’t enjoy engaging in other topics, because I do. I just feel strongly that my passions and interests, research and talking points, as well as my drive and ambitions, didn’t start making complete sense until I sought out and learned why I was here journeying through this time and space. And it thus becomes important for me to go back and share how all these elements come together. I remember, almost very clearly, the first time I was confronted with this question of “Why am I here?” It was one the greatest moments of my life because I didn’t know that I was seeking for my purpose and was hungry for it, until I was asked that particular question.

I was a sophomore in college and was selected as one of the two student leaders from my university to attend the infamous LeaderShape leadership development program. I will forever be a LeaderShape advocate because I saw my heart shift when for the first time, I was confronted with this question of legacy, with this question of when I had lived my best life, what did I want to leave behind, what did I want my life to mean to myself and to my world? For the first time, I saw a world full of possibilities, a world in which a mere individual like myself could make an impact. I saw a world in which my skills could be utilized in ways that could make tomorrow a closer reality to a world I could only imagine in my dreams. LeaderShape guided me to my life’s purpose by exposing me to a world that needed me to serve, and through that, I chose to have my life and career be reflective of the social justice issues that tagged at my heart. That decision impacted how I approached the concept of leadership and service through both my work as a young leader on my university campus and community, and it impacted the trajectory of my service commitment, my education and career.


Even though I had always understood leadership as an ideology that enables us to serve others both through our talent and commitment (to lead is to serve others through our talent and commitment), I began to think a lot more about legacy, and about how through service, I could encourage others to seek out for and live out their purpose. My leadership became more about, through passion, the expression of my purpose and my commitment to seeing a world that is more fairer just. It became more about transforming cultures and ideologies that perpetuate different forms of injustice. About deconstructing and rebuilding ideologies based on standards and notions that are inclusive, and those that could create a world in which EVERYONE in it, no matter who they are and where they come from, could to succeed and live out their own purpose. That to me, is how the world begins to change, and that to me was an expression of my purpose which has always been to serve humanity through humility and integrity, and to be a part of create a more inclusive world in which everyone in it can live out their fullest potential; their purpose. That commitment to seeing transformative change happen led me after a Bachelors in Political Science to pursue a Master’s Development Studies, all with the goal of completing a PhD in a subject area that is embedded in transformational politics, and which is where I am today.

Why am I sharing this with all of you? Because our purpose is who we are. I truly believe that when we understand why we are here, we are driven that much closer to our truth. And our truth in essence is what we are all about. And also because through our purpose we should be committed to serving humanity, and to creating a tomorrow that is better than today. The truth is that when we serve others, and when we give back to our communities, we start to see glimpses of the world we have always desired. We are impassioned through our service to do more, to dream more, to make more of an impact, and to make that world an actual reality for all of us. What is incredible about being individuals is that we all don’t share the same purpose. Some of our purposes might be connected if we share the same interests, but I do believe that are God created as uniquely as possible for our own purposes.

So let me ask you this dear reader, why are you here? What is your purpose?

Share, and Unravel Away Artist.