What is an activist? And what is the role of an activist? How we do we engage with social justice? How do we respond with concepts that border the line of activism and capitalism? Can we consider these particular capitalist forms as social justice projects? These are some of the questions I engage with, in this week’s video.

With Beyoncé’s growing popularity as an activist, and feminist, I wanted to engage in a critical  conversation to get all of us to think a little more about what it means to be an activist. Using the Beyoncé song, Formation as a reference point, in the video I share how I conceptualize the role of an activist and ask you reflect more on whether Beyoncé is an activist or not. How do we, as change makers, engage with videos like Formation? My role in the video is not to police the word activism, or to answer the question can capitalism and activism lie in bed together. My role rather, is to to encourage us to be more critical and reflective in how we receive and share information, especially as we continue to fight for a better world through our social justice commitments.

What are your thoughts on what you have just heard? Think I’m  being too critical on “Queen B?” What do you think is the role of an activist? Here is think article When Activism Meets Capitalism: Beyoncé and Formation that I reference in the video.

Would love to hear from you!

-Unravel Away Artist-