On Wednesday, May 4, 2016, I have the great honor and privilege, to moderate a distinguished expert panel of African development leaders, scholars and practitioners, working in different capacities. In what will be an exciting, energetic and interactive exchange, these experts are going to engage in a discussion on harnessing the potential of youth, as the future of economic development in Africa.

With a steady booming African economy, rising as a result of the emergence of social entrepreneurship and enterprise, particularly in the fields of technology, education, and health, if properly harnessed, we can see a great turn around of Africa’s economies. Statistics indicate that between 60 and 65 percent of the entire population on the African continent are aged under 35. In 2013, the top ten countries in the world, with the youngest populations, were all in Africa, and according to population projections, the youth population in Africa is expected to double by 2045.  

These growing numbers of African youth ought to be approached as an asset to production, that will heed creativity and innovation, and which, will as such, increase the economic mobility of African countries, as they compete  on a global scale. Considering these statistics, and coupled with the fact that 2016 marks the 10th anniversary of the African Youth Charter, there’s a sheer need for engagement on, how to have youth remain integral to the conversation of development in Africa. 

The list of panelists for this event is extremely impressive! Sharing their expertise will be:

  • ADEYEMI BABINGTON-ASHAYE, Director and Head, Global ShapersCommunity of the World Economic Forum (WEF);
  • SUKAI PROM-JACKSON, Inspector, Joint Inspection Unit of the United Nations System (UNJIU);
  • FRANKLYN LISK, Labour policy and global health specialist, and former representative of the International Labour Organization to the United Nations;
  • MICHEL CARTON; Executive Director, Norrag; former Director of The Graduate Institute (IUED)

For this event, I am ready and willing to some of your questions to the panelists. The panel discussion will soon be shared on YouTube and you can, as such, watch and see if your question was taken and what the response was.

What are the questions you have on African youth as integral assets to African economic development? What would you like to ask about African social entrepreneurship? What comments do you have about your experience? Send me your questions to Please share your first name, age and the city you live in.

-Unravel Away Artist-