Hello! Hello! Hello November 2017!!!! WOW!!!! What a wonderful and productive 2017 it has been. It’s not even December yet, but I want to begin to reflect and give thanks to God for all that I have been able to accomplish this year. October 2017 was amazing y’all! The spiritual revelations this month brought my life to a higher level, and I can only say THANK YOU to Papa God for that. From the month of October 2017 I am thankful for:
I remember when the Holy Spirit ministered to me that I CANNOT and SHOULD NEVER compare myself to other people, because the grace in which we walk is not the same! YO! That was a LIFE LESSON! When you waste time comparing yourself to others, feeling envious of what God is doing for them, you take time from growing your own faith, which will lead to great manifestation of His grace in your life! I walk in GREAT GREAT levels of grace. I am aware of that fact, and do not at all take in for granted!!!
2. Spiritual Blessings
Spiritual blessings is greater insight and revelation in the spiritual realm! This month for me was filled with just that; a deeper understanding of how the Kingdom of God works. Just watch this space because so much more is coming:)
3. The VILLAGE inside London!
Even though London remains one of my fave cities in the world (mostly because of the sausage rolls and pies), this month I gained a NEW APPRECIATION for it! Amazing how you can visit a city a million times, and never actually know it, in its fullness. Boy did I see a different side of London this October! LOL. Walking the streets of Dalston and Finsbury park! WOW. Thought I was in the motherland for a while there, in Lagos, only to remember that I hadn’t left Europe. Haha. Great great great times though. So thankful for my dear sister and friend who came with me.
4. The opportunity to help build and inspire others!
I have been getting the most PROFOUND phone calls and messages this month. People either calling to receive a word of advice on a situation they are going through, or to have us pray together. It has been so humbling to know that God is doing something so great and amazing through, and that if I remain ready to be used, He will use me!
5. EleK Designs.
Initially a name I used to use when I would make “play wear” in college, EleK Designs is quickly becoming “something” by the grace of God! I’m thankful for the gifts of my mind and hands and for His direction as I navigate the world of design and sewing. Just watch this space:) WATCH IT <3
A glorious month October was. And you? What are you grateful from from the month of October 2017? Share in the comments below:)