Happy Happy June 1st 2016!! We are about to first half of the year this month! Already!! WOW!! It indeed has been year of spreading in every direction so far, I know that things are just going to get better and better, as God continues to reveal Himself.

So many exciting,  beautiful and miraculous things happened in the month of May, my month of BLESSINGS! Even though I was extremely quite on this blog in the month of May, at least more quite than I have been since the beginning of the year, that’s because there are a lot behind the scene, exciting things, in the works, for Unraveling the Mind. I CANNOT WAIT to share all the goodies with you! May was also a busy month for me with tons of traveling, a new job, and right at the end, the sudden passing away of my grannie. It’s been a quite a ride with so many lessons to be learned, and so much wisdom to carry from May, for upcoming months (ie. don’t miss any chance to be a reflective as you can/  even when you travel, maintain your quite God and me time/ don’t forget how much jet lag sucks, how it makes you feel like you’re living in twilight zone, and quickly figure out the best  way of dealing with it).

Also, before we start this new and fresh month, I want to go ahead and apologize for not having shared recent Unraveling the Mind videos. There is some rebranding going on the video end, based on a couple of things that I have learned. Even though I loved sharing the videos that I did with you guys, I want to add a different personal dimension to them, that will make them even more engaging and relatable. I also want to introduce in the videos, some personalities that will go to share one or tow things with us. Make sure to look out for those in the next couple of weeks:)

Now, back to the month of May, my month of blessings! There are so many things that I am grateful for, that I want to share, but I will keep it at this five.

1. Financial miracles

I’m so grateful for the hand of God, which showed me, in the month of May, that whatsoever we ask in Jesus name, shall we receive. Y’all traveling is so expensive, and considering the fact that I was hit with a lot of financial burdens, which came a result of a situation that was out of my control, I really need a miracle that would my man and I to travel comfortably for a mini vacay to witness my brother’s graduation and see family in Dallas and NYC. Y’all, when I started to confess exactly what I needed, I had no idea how God was going to come through for me, but guess what??? HE DID!!!!!! And in a big way!!! Don’t ever think that nothing is too irrelevant for God. Whatever is stressing you out, speak to that situation using and affirming the Word, and see how that situation will work out for your good! Continue to speak until you see what you desire become a reality!

2. Graduations which turn into family meetings and reunions

My brother graduated with a BSc in Architecture, and boy, am I GRATEFUL!! I fully and wholeheartedly respect those people who do that science, physics, engineering stuff. Not that we in the arts  have it any easier, but just that how we use our brains and reason is so different, and I can’t imagine having use numbers to explain the how is any situation O_O! My brother is the embodiment of the courage, the resistance and the persistence our world needs, to build a better tomorrow. He really inspires me and I am so grateful to have been able to witness that beautiful moment he received his degree. It wasn’t an easy journey for him and all of us who supported him, but it was a journey well worth it!
3. Birthdays Filled with Love, Friends Full of Passion and Creativity that Inspires the Soul
I am grateful because we celebrated my man’s birthday this month with a surprise party he was completely and utterly unaware of. It was a beautiful moment with friends and family, and I know that in this new age, he has greater blessings and favor following everything he does. Along the same lines I am grateful for passionate friends who remind you to never lose your inspiration for life, and who remind you that who are where you are, in that very particular moment, for a very particular reason! I am thankful for these types for friendships, because they are the ones that will encourage you back to the truth you believe. And finally, along the same lines, I am also grateful for creativity that inspires my little soul! My ability to create beautiful things I love makes me happy! Even though I don’t get as much time to express that creativity, I am thankful for those rare and inbetween moments that I get to do that. Whether that be through makeup, or my writing, or through sewing, or painting, or braiding, art speaks to me! It invigorates me; it makes me rejoice!

4. Growth opportunities and talent

I have had so many career growth opportunities this month! At the very top, I am grateful for the great opportunity that I had to moderate a High Level Panel on African Youth and Economic Development in Africa and am grateful for a pretty awesome research project on African women’s rights that I am working on:) I can’t wait to share more on that soon. Also, I am thankful for my Personal Branding Consultancy Firm, GLIMPSES, which is pulling in clients and more clients and more clients! I can’t wait for us to finish all the website things for that and share:)!

5. Courage

It’s amazing how fear can stop you from living the life that you ought to be, and how it can inhibit your ability to do great things! Just yesterday, I took some moments to reflect on what courage means to me. As so much doubt and fear began to knock at my door, I was so paralyzed from meeting some critical deadlines because of fear and procrastination (procrastination has got to be the doing of the devil). But as I reflected on it, and remembered who I am and what God says I can do, I had to triumph through the exercise of great courage!

There we have it! Great things to be grateful for in the month of May!

And you? What are you thankful for from the month of May? Would love to hear your thoughts!

-Unravel Away Artist-