MAY 2017! I cannot believe that today is ALREADY the 31st and we are quickly rushing to the second half of the year 2017! Life is continues to move rapidly fast, and I remain so grateful this reflective moments which enable to experience life as it happens! It has been another AMAZING AMAZING month and I experienced many great moments that made in the BEST yet of 2017:) Without wasting too much time, here is my list things I am grateful for from May 2017.

  1. I am grateful for unexpected quick and cheap vacations that come when your best friend comes to town and meets another one of your besties!

One of my besties came to town and it was quite THE ADVENTURE! I am thankful for having had the great privilege to have a little piece of home right here with me. It was amazing to spend some much needed quality time with my sissies, while we explored the streets of BARCELONA! What an adventure and I am looking forward to many more over the next couple of months.

  1. I’m grateful for the courage that pushes me to run one more mile, even everything within me is telling me to stop. 😃😃😃

Y’all! This healthy life thing is no joke, especially when you are still fighting to LOSE WEIGHT! I am down 15 lbs and really want to push for another 15 before the summer is over. But, let me tell y’all how challenging it was to go to the gym this month but GREATER IS HE in me! I am soooo thankful for the courage that I received to keep pushing until that lazy moment passed. I am sooo excited for the month of JUNE cause I am going in 150%! 15 lbs BE GONE:)

  1. I’m grateful for quite moments spent talking to my maker and listening to everything beautiful He has to say. I am too grateful for faith and the power it carries to transform my life. 

I learned about the power of worship this month. I also learned that prayer is both talking to God and listening to Him. Most of us spend time talking but we actually never take the time to LISTEN and RECEIVE, two very critical components in your prayer and faith journey! It’s been an amazing growth journey spiritually, and I cannot wait to continue to worship and praise and see what June showers me with!

  1. I’m grateful for the gentlest moments of discipline and admonishment, where I am taught how to be better. 

Y’all know I can be a little ratchet right??? Hahaha. This month, I have to say thank you for everyone, especially the Spirit of God, who admonishes me soooo very gently. For some of us learning and changing is quite a process, as we deal, reflect and consciously make the effort to be better. But there is nothing more humbling than knowing that you have people in your life, who are gonna give it to you exactly how you need to hear it. Thank y’all for training and growing me! And thank you God for being soooo very patient with me and for continuing to whisper that I am capable.

  1. I’m grateful for conversations with good friends that speak right to your spirit.

It took us a couple of months to actually get to meet (mostly my fault) but I am so grateful to have met exactly when we did. I am so grateful for people in my life who can talk right to my heart, those who through the power of their words inspire me to do better and be better. It’s beautiful to be fed by a friend and I hope I do to my friends, what they relentlessly to do me:)

Now, let me hear from you artist. What is on your gratefulness list for the month of May 2017?

-Unravel Away Artist-