I cannot cannot cannot believe that today is the last day of June 2017! I want to say, where has time gone?? when I look back on the month and everything AMAZING that has happened, I see exactly where time has gone. We are about to enter the SECOND HALF of the year 2017, and boy do I still have soooo much I want to accomplish in this my year of flourishing. I have been so focused on one particular area of my life, that for a while there, I allowed it to control so much of what my day in and day out was all about! But in reflecting and giving thanks, I know that it is all well, and that even in moments when we are seeking, we should have the consciousness that we have already found. I am carrying that into this second half that we are about to begin, and I remain ever grateful for all that has transpired during these last six months, and particularly for this post, during the month of June! Without further adieu, here is my AWESOME list:) Please don’t forget to share some of the things that you are grateful for from the month of June 2017 or generally from the last 6 months:)

  1. I’m grateful for divine ideas and insights that remove all forms of fear.

As I was sharing above, fear and worry really tried me this month, but thanks to the reminder that we should cast ALL OUR CARES ON HIM, I  came out on top! I am thankful that I received much more that I could have even imagined!

  1. I’m grateful for the spiritual power in maintaining my confession.

Watch your thoughts and the words that you speak, for they have the power to define the very being that is you; that is your life. Life is too spiritual to take fore granted what you think and what you speak out loud. Whatever it is that you want to see manifest in your life, “keep saying it and and don’t top talking it.” There is so much power in our confessions.

  1. I’m grateful for supernatural excellence in my school and deadlines well met! 

I LOVE KNOWLEDGE, and love what I am working on for school! I am just so grateful for the supernatural excellence that I receive, that always keeps me on top! #drellyloading

  1. Praise

This month instead of asking and asking and asking of God, I learned to praise, praise and praise! I didn’t realize how much talking and asking I do, until our pastor prophetically challenged us this month not to ask God for anything but rather intercede in prayer for our world and nations, and PRAISE GOD for all that He has done. What beautiful way to communicate with Him. In praise I learned to listen and to remain rest assured that all my needs have already been met. Awesome month!

  1. Time well spent with my sweet baby “oga madam.”

Friends who become family are EVERYTHING, and I am especially thankful to God for my mentor turned big sister who just recently delivered THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BABY GIRL, I like to call “OGA MADAM” hahaha. She is soooooo sooooo sweet. God added many little people to my world, and I thank Him SO VERY MUCH for them all.

What a glorious glorious month! Second half of the year 2017, here we come! Tell me, tell me, tell me, what are some of the things that you are grateful for from June 2017 and/or the last 6 months?

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-Unravel Away Artist-