I cannot believe that today is already the last day in the first month of 2017! Y’all it’s really bewildering that it is only January! To be honest, it doesn’t feel much like January, but rather March or something. So many incredible and exciting things have happened just in the last several weeks that, even reflecting on all the goodness, has been rather difficult. I know, I know! SO MUCH GOODNESS! 2017 started off on a perfect and extremely high note, which has already left me with so many great expectations for the rest of the year! Granted we had some discouraging news in our family, but I know that the hand of God is still perfectly at work. Without further ado, here are the 5 things that I am grateful for from January 2017. Artists, I wanna hear from you and read everything that you are grateful for from this first month of 2017.

1. 2017: My Year of Flourishing

I am thankful for the word of prophesy that came on New Years Eve that 2017 is my year of flourishing. As the man of God shared, this is the year that I will experience luxuriant growth, significant and news making attainment, and persistent productivity. Just from this month, my life is filled with so many testimonies so I know, I am going to continue to FLOURISH indeed!

2. 28th Birthday!

I’m a January baby and this month on the 5th, I turned TWENTY EIGHT! I used to be so anxious about my birthdays and about getting older, but this year, something really shifted. It feels AMAZING to be 28 and through and every experience, I am growing as wisdom becomes the canvas of my being. Even though I still feel extremely extremely young, I am excited to see all that is in stall for me this year! It’s really cool to have my birthday right at the beginning of the year:) Don’t hate! lol And bae and I traveled to Miami for my birthday, which was a cherry on top of a fat boy’s ice cream cake!

3. Long vacations!

I am so grateful for the AMAZING opportunity I had to travel home for 3 whole weeks! Even though I wasn’t chilling for most of that break cause the PhD calls, I had a great time reconnecting with friends and family! I got to see my parents, my brother, sissies, tons of cousins, besties, mentors and so many loved ones. I do not take fore granted the blessing to be home, to sleep, shop, eat and enjoy! It was AMAZING.

4. Career Growth and Personal Branding Opportunities

Even though I had several speaking engagement this month, my absolutely favorite one was the one at the GIMAC Pre-African Union Summit in Addis. I will share more about that experience on the blog later on this week. Speaking as the blogger for Unraveling the Mind, on behalf of African youth across the world, was a culmination and assemblage of everything I am and was called to be. It was purpose meets passion meets inspiration. It was using my voice to speak on issues that matter to women, that matter to African youth, all in the hopes of encouraging African policy makers to take our needs seriously and address our concerns at the highest levels of government. It was justice enveloped in passionate politics and poetry! That is what I was born to do and I am so thankful to live and be able to do it.

5. Work and Routines

I am so grateful to be able to use the works of my hands to create a living for myself and for my family. I am thankful for schedules and routines  which make my busy life somewhat predictable and less chaotic, and also for avenues to express my talents and be able to make a penny that can help advance my cause. I don’t take the opportunity and influence lightly. It’s a blessing and I give thanks to God for it.

Now, let me hear from you artist. What is on your gratefulness list?

-Unravel Away Artist-