February 2017, I love you, I love you, I love you! What an AMAZING month of growth and spiritual discernment February 2017 has been, and for that, I give all the glory to Papa God! I held on so much to the promises that God had told me concerning this month, and in that experienced a fulfillment of prophesy, that I will always be taken care of! For the month of February 2017, I am grateful for:

1. God’s voice!

I told God that I wanted to clearly hear His voice this month, and boy did I think He was just going to communicate those things that I wanted to hear. NOPE! In clearing hearing His voice, I had to learn that God was sometimes going to tell me to do things that I clearly would not do otherwise. Why should I have to be the one to always make peace God? That was me questioning Him when He asked me to do something that I clearly did not want me to? You want me to do what God? Okay, I guess listening to you is part of grooming obedience. Y’all, know what you are asking for and be ready to comply when He answers. I am sooo happy to learn to hear Him clearly and look forward to many many many more everyday conversations with my Heavenly Father.

2. The Heart of Patience and Forgiveness

I am so thankful for the heart of forgiveness and patience that God has given those around, particularly my fiance! Y’all as lovely as I am most days, as I at times me extremely difficult to deal with. YIKES! As I grow, God is revealing to me more and more what I need to be working on in myself and the kind of woman that He expects me to be for my family, my community and my world. I am working on being less stubborn and always having to be right, and I am working being more humble and prayerful about my pride. I am also working on being an intentional listener, and not listening just to respond and prove myself right. It is so scary when you vividly recognize in yourself the things that you don’t like in others. Sign. But thank God that those things don’t have to remain in our character, and that we can learn to be conscious and work to remove them.

3. Everyday Moments of Creativity

I am so very grateful for my everyday moments of creativity, that allow me not to forget my creative expression and personality. I am thankful for the 10-15 precious minutes that I get to spend on my makeup and hair each morning. My everyday make up, hair and dress is an art and an expression of who I am. I am happy to have those moments to create something that is reflective of how I feel about the day, what I want to express. I am thankful for the creativity that is afforded to me when I post on this blog’s Instagram page and I am too thankful for the rare and in between moments, where I get to doodle in my journal. In an everyday routine that is so monotonous and scheduled, I am thankful for the moments where my soul is free to just be and express! It goes such a long away for me!

4. Great Doors of Opportunity

I am thankful for all the doors of prosperity that God has opened in the month of February. I am excited to be a part of several new projects, and to be able to be celebrated for the works of my hands. It’s been one email and phone call after the other, I can’t but say, THANK YOU! Indeed, it is my year to FLOURISH!

5. Significant Attainments

I am so thankful for everyday attainment in my job, PhD and personal projects. I also thankful to witness by whole family achieve greater heights as they dare to dream and make some serious professional and personal moves! If February is a testament to the rest of the year, then upward and forward only is what 2017 is going to be.

Now, let me hear from you artist. What is on your gratefulness list for the month of February 2017?

-Unravel Away Artist-