2016, was an extremely glorious year, and my BEST YEAR EVER! I spent the last 12 days on this blog’s Instagram page sharing love letters to 2016, on everything beautiful and difficult that I learned from her. It was such an amazing year of reflection for me, and even though I made some grave mistakes in 2016 and faced some challenges that are now in my past, it was yet, THE BEST YEAR EVER!

In 2016, I saw how light overpowers darkness, and I saw the heart of God carry me to new heights of glory. I was reintroduced to true love, and I saw what happens in our lives when we trust God with everything that we are. I am so grateful for the growth journey that was 2016, and for the spiritual transformation that I saw in my life. I am more assured than ever than when I am spiritually grounded and centered with the Master, my world is full of soooo much joy and I carry an appreciation for life for that is truly Divine.

I have a million and a half points of gratitude from December 2016, but the most important one is this:

1. Thank you Lord, for the promise in your word that you will never leave nor forsake me. Although the devil tried all the way until December 31st, thank you for carrying my spirit and for consistently reminding me what you have promised for life and for the life of my family! Thank you for your word which is healing to my soul, and thank you God for giving me the very best year that I have ever experienced! Thank you God for allowing me to see 2017, my year of flourishing. I know that my life will continue to move upward and forward only.

I am too thankful for:

2. Practicing gratitude! I am thankful for this blog, and for the Instagram page connected to this blog, that allowed me or share each, all that I was grateful for. In practicing conscious gratitude, I was able to keep up with all the awesome things that were happening in my life each month! 2016 did not go like a blink of an eye because I was aware of all of God’s doing at each point in time. Thank you all for reading

3. The opportunity to have spent the holidays with my family! Since I wasn’t able to travel home last year, I am especially grateful for divine provision which made it possible for me to see my family.

4. Reflective moments that allowed me to reflect on 2016, and prepare for 2017! Based on what I experienced is possible in 2016, I have soooo many expectations in 2017. It’s not resolutions, it’s what I expect my 2017 to go. I’m speaking those things to life!

5. DIVINE wisdom and the Spirit of Excellence as I finished my second year as a Doctoral student!