Happpyyy Happyyyy Happyyyy September 1, y’all!!! It’s soooo good to be behind the computer, writing something that I will soon be able to share with all of you! It seems like the only time that I come on the website these days, is to actually share this monthly gratefulness post! YIKES! Do come and visit me on the Instagram page for Unraveling the Mind, @unravelingthemind! I do share quite a bit on there, to keep myself reflective and conscious about my growth and how it’s affecting my efforts to contribute a little bit to my world:) I do however have to say that I miss sharing on here, but considering the season that I have been in, it’s been difficult to do it ALL! Writing for work and school is not the same as writing for this blog <3

Needless, here I am in this moment, ready and happy to share! I am thankful just for the opportunity to be able to be grateful about August 2016! August was quite a month! It was a BUSY month and it was a GLORIOUS month! I accomplished so much in August, that when I look back on it, I am AMAZED at how much I was in fact able to get done! It’s refreshing to write these posts on gratitude. They humble me so much because sometimes in the midst of our going and going, we forget to receive and give thanks for the everyday miracles we encounter. This is my way of giving thanks to God, and of being aware of the fact that I am blessed and that my life is in a constant state of progress. I would encourage each one of you to exercise gratitude. You can reflect upon it on a daily basis, a weekly basis, or even a monthly basis. It doesn’t matter when, just as long as you do it. And one thing that has liberated my mind is writing down what I am grateful for. You don’t have to share the list on a public forum but write it down somewhere, and a few months down the line, come back to see and see how it makes you feel <3

With that, here we go! Here are my 5 Points of Gratitude for the month of August 2016:)

1. 2 Corinthians 12:10

“That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.” -2 Corinthians 12:10

Even though I have shared a short sermon on this verse before, it wasn’t until closer to the end of August that God revealed to me that indeed this verse symbolized my month. As I was thinking about all the deadlines I had in August, and how in the midst of them I felt my body getting sick, but still managed to work through fever and while I was on treatment, God revealed to me that indeed when I am weak I am strong. I don’t remember the last time that my body and mind were worked the way that they were in August. BUT, because of the goodness and mercies of the Holy Spirit, I know I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens me!

2. Words

I so grateful for WORDS! Words, words, words! They are so powerful! This mouth of ours, it’s so powerful! What we say, it’s so powerful! Most of what I learned in my devotion this month was about the power of words, and most of what my pastors shared at church was also about the power of words. I am so thankful to have been reminded of the fact that this mouth can create  and build and that it can too destroy! That God Himself created the world with His mouth, and such, that should teach us that words are spiritual, they themselves spirits and seeds! Proverbs 18:21 says “the tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”

3. Prophesy

Where do I even begin with this one?? I am sooo thankful for words of prophesy that come to us through prayer, and that remind us that when we dwell in the secret of the Most High, we abide under the shadows of the Almighty! When prophesy comes to me, I take it so seriously, I meditate upon it and I use it in every area of my life. On August 3, I got word from God that everywhere I go, I find favor because of the God in me, and that because of that, I would never go without. That following Sunday during the service, my man of God gave us a word from God, which was that we were favored with God and were favored with men! COINCIDENCE?? NEVER!  I have so many testimonies on how God has lined situations up for me since then.  Things that would otherwise look impossible, have been BEYOND possible! Indeed, I am walking with so much favor!

4. Affirmations and Confirmations

Ever found yourself in a situation where people were telling you exactly what you needed to hear in that moment, because of what you were passing through? That has been the month for me! I am so very much thankful for the affirmations and confirmations I received from many different directions. I am also thankful that I was used by God this month, to reach some friends who needed to hear His word! Everything I have been learning this month was too confirmed by these two sermons, I am just in love with! Here is one on resting in God by Dr. Creflo Dollar and here is another one on the power of what we say, what we see, and how we use the works or our hands by Sarah Jakes Roberts.

5. The Ability to Werk, Werk, Werk

I am so grateful for EVERYONE that I work with, in both my PhD werk, and my werk, werk. I am grateful to God for AMAZING supervisors who go out of their way to mentor and support me, and I am too thankful for the ability and opportunity to make money and to work towards living the kind of life that God has promised me! I am grateful for EACH AND EVERY single project that my hands have touched and that the blessing of God, which has been been upon them. God said to me this month, I will make you a blessing so that you can be a blessing to your world. I want to bless my world through what I can offer in both intellectual, spiritual and financial terms. I want to affect change in the lives of my loved ones, and in the lives of strangers alike, across the whole world. It’s amazing how God makes those things happen. When I told Him I wanted to make a particular amount this year so that I can do XYZ, for my loved ones, projects and His Kingdom, I thought He wouldn’t take me up on it! Y’ALL! HE DID THOUGH! I look at my life, and I see a million reasons to be grateful, each and every single day!!!

A lot of spiritual lessons for me for this month! It’s been an exciting one, and I know it’s just going to get better and better! September, WOW! I am EXCITED to meet you:)

Please don’t forget to share with me what you thankful for from the month of August. I really would love to hear your thoughts!

-Unravel Away Artist-