Hello, Hello, Hello September 2017! It’s sooooov very nice to meet you, and I know you will live up to all the great expectations that I have for you! August was such a FLOURISHING month, and if my life during August is evidence of all that the rest if the year will be, I AM SO READY! I live as the embodiment of THE SHINING LIGHT; everything in my life shone in August and continue to so radiantly shine. What are some of the of the things that keep shining in your life? From the month of August, I am particularly thankful for:

  1. A new chapter in my job.Who doesn’t love growing professionally and being trusted to handle more responsibilities? I am sooo grateful for this new chapter than I began in my job and for everything and amazing I am getting to do in my new position! God’s timing is ALWAYS the very best.
  2. The Report,”Violence Against Women in South Africa: A Country In Crisis.Over the last couple of months, I had the great opportunity work with the AMAZING mind that is Maame Kyerewaa Brobbey (you’ll be seeing her on the the blog from time to time) and Nonhlanhla Sibanda of CSVR, on the report “Violence Against Women in South Africa: A Country In Crisis.” We took a very sociological and feminist methodology to our field work and analysis, and centered women’s voices and experiences (it’s unbelievable that no one in South Africa has ever studied how women who experience VAW actually understand their experience…what does this terminology mean to them…do they know what to appropriate as VAW etc). The report was completed earlier this month, and just on Wednesday, the South African Minister on Women and the Commission on Gender Equality and UN welcomed the report and launched report. Check out the report, read it, share it and continue to advocate for women’s voices and for the END of violence against our bodies.
  3. My health and fitness journey.July and August were amazing amazing months for me in my journey to being the healthiest Elly that I can be. I challenged myself to reach new goals and my body and mind are a testament to that. I have gone above and beyond my goals and have even created new ones that I am chasing after. Even though I still struggle with my mind here and there, y’all I am in such a different place and I know my body is thanking me for it. I am soooo thankful that I began this journey and cannot wait to see where it will take me.
  4. THE POWER OF YOUR MIND by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. My favorite non-fiction book. If you have never read it, READ IT. It’ll change your life, just as it did mine. If you want to learn what the word of God says about your mind, and how you can use your mind to create the kind of life that you want and make your dreams come true, Power of Your Mind is your book:) I recently gave away 2 copies through this blog, and have given so many more to friends and family. It really is God’s word explained to people who are hungry to do the best with the life that they have been given.
  5. Wedding planning:)Need I say more? It’s amazing how much I am learning about myself, about God, about my amazing fiancé, my friends and family through this process. I am soooo thankful my incredible wedding planner, Reytheda Jackson of Simple and Chic Events. Y’all hit her up if you have a wedding or party coming up! I have a million ideas of what I want, am a control freak, but literally learned to let you and allow Rey to do what she knows best. She is doing EVERYTHING for my wedding week and has proved to be a PRO time and time and time again:)
  6. Creative ability and freedom.  I love and am sooo very thankful for my ability to be able to create a range of different things. I’m grateful for my creative ability to sew, to write poetry and music, to perform and do all the random things I love so much. Creativity affords me immense mental and intellectual freedom.

What about you my dearest artist, what are some things that you are grateful for from August 2017? What are you looking forward to in August and the rest of the year?

-Unravel Away Artist-