It’s beautifully May 1, 2017 and I couldn’t remember whether I share this post on the last day of the month, or day following the last day of the month. Hahaha, Total fail:) Looks like I should have shared this yesterday, but please bare with me y’all! APRIL, dearest APRIL, thank you for your knowledge and your great insight! I found heavenly peace in April, knowing that the one who created me and loved me first, has taken care of all my needs, even before I utter a sound.

I’m grateful for so much for this month of April, but there is my list of the top 5 things that I am grateful for:

1. Life Promotions

I am sooooooo grateful to experience supernatural promotion in every area of my life. I am grateful that my year has so far been an embodiment of the prophetic word that was given, that indeed it is my year to flourish like a cedar in Lebanon! I am SO THANKFUL that those connected to me are too flourishing. I am especially thankful this month, for the miracle that is my brother’s life.

2. Revelations

I am particularly thankful for these two revelations that I received from God this month.

a) I am thankful that I am walking in the grace of those who came before me and that I am reaping from their labor of love in the work of the gospel. I am sincerely grateful for the seeds that were sown before I was even born, and for my grandparents’ commitment to the spreading of the gospel. I live in grace, favor and abundance because of everything that you did for the Lord. Thank you!

b) I am thankful for the revelation that it is not my carnal body that needs the word of God, but my spirit. And that when my spirit receives the word, it controls that happens with my body and beyond. I am thankful for the message of this month to increase in knowledge because in that, I was able to learn and take heed of the promises hidden in the Bible.

3. Reflective Moments With my Love

As we journey and prepare for a life time of love and a home full of so much joy, I am thankful for the growth moments experience between my fiance and I. I am thankful for knowledge that has been imparted from our man of God in our counseling sessions, and I am thankful for our daily morning conversations where we get remind each other of who God has created us to be. I am thankful that just this morning, He kindly reminded that embodying the character Christ is an everyday endeavor, not one that we get to chose when we want to do and when we don’t want to do.

4. Ability, Ambition and Productivity

Every month, I find myself so grateful for the ability to be able to do, and do well. I am thankful for the spirit of excellence that causes me to triumph in all things, and am too thankful that I have opportunity to produce both professionally and academically, work that goes to impact lives. I am thankful that the words of my hands are always blessed and that I have been given the gifts to do much more for my world.

5. Mornings Well Spent

I am sooooo thankful for my daily one hour morning workout session! I am thankful for this special me-time that allows me the opportunity to just be. It’s wonderful to have moment in my day when it is just me and my God, exchanging and creating. It’s a moment well spent and I woul dn’t trade it for anything!

-Unravel Away Artist-