Because last night was THE VERY BEST moment of television in recent years, the world felt different today. There was a shift in my spirit and a sense of hope once lost found its way back to the center of my being. There is an awakening of consciousness happening all around me. And it is my black sisters, my tribe, my queens, who are leading and who are sharing the raw and astounding talent that has always been us, but that the world for the very first time is beginning to see.

For a lot of black women across the globe, last night was, to put it simply, VICTORIOUS.

So many of us for the first time in the history of television awards were able to see multiple representations of ourselves gracefully walk across that Emmy stage as award recipients.

We were able to see the world acknowledge thrice over that not only do we, for the first time, have growing opportunities that have enabled us to fairly compete and represent ourselves, but that regardless of our skin color, we can very much be the best of the best, the crème de la crème!

Last night was victorious for many women of color because it went to show us that even though the world is slow to change, and even though the world still be adamant to destroy our personhood and relinquish our identities to the margins of society, still shall we rise, and better still, shall change surely come!

Last night was victorious for many women of color across the globe because sisterhood in its purest form was celebrated right there on our television screens, as we saw black women cry and leap for joy, as they watched their sisters be welcomed into a club that has so often been reserved for those whose stories we so often cannot identify.

Last night was a victorious as we were reminded that the representation of diverse experiences on our television screens is crucial in the process of dismantling stereotypical old tales of what it means to be black in the world. It is crucial for little black girls and little black boys to, through story telling, see themselves as powerful members of society, as autonomous individuals with voices that matter in a rapidly changing world, to see themselves, not as the other, but as inclusively belonging.

Last night was victorious because watching Viola Davis make that acceptance speech that left me with chills down my spine and tears covering my eyes reminded me that the world is full of queen warriors. These everyday change makers are through their selfless actions, through their inspirational and heart wrenching words working to ensure that the world we create today will be much better for the little black children that come to inhabit it tomorrow.

Last night was victorious for all peoples across the globe.

As I batted my lashes to the morning sun, with the biting cold of Geneva all too close, even with the great Atlantic separating me from the space where my sisters proudly made an imprint in history, I felt the energy of happened in that room last night. I saw the beauty of the future. There was a shift in my spirit that is representative of the most sensational aura represented in the victories of Viola Davis, Uzo Aduba, and Regina King. I am humbled and honored to be a part of this history moment.