On Saturday, April 22, 2017, I had the great privilege to serve as a keynote speaker for March for Science, Geneva. This was a powerful moment worth reflecting on, particularly as the usefulness of science absurdly continues to be undermined. Thousands of people, in cities across the world, including in Washington, D.C. where this movement started, and in and in, gathered to march, to defend, and to speak on why science remains critical and why its existence and effectiveness is imperative to the advancement of human society.

Unfortunately, there remains many individuals in the world today who do not understand the fundamental role that science plays in pretty much every area of societal life. This issue, which is twofold, is reflective of our inability, as scientists, to communicate our research and knowledge in an approachable and relatable manner, and is too reflective of and fueled by the failure of our educational systems in making science relatable and attractive to students expressing different types of interests. Science is not something scary and out there, and science is definitely not something that is reserved for the privileged few. Science is knowledge and as we are all aware, knowledge is power. Each one of us shares and holds a responsibility on the knowledge that is produced about us as people and on the knowledge coming out about the world in which we live.

As science continues to be attacked by those who clearly don’t understand why scientific research is critical, it becomes our responsibility, each everyone of us thinking and breathing individuals, to stand up to those ignorant and unqualified perspectives! Science is the production of knowledge about our world and not only is it inclusive of all those subjects we hated in school, [chemistry, physics, biology, astronomy] but also inclusive of those other subjects that are committed to producing knowledge about human society [sociology, political science, psychology, economics, history, etc.]. A bringing together of these objectively similar worlds who however use different methods to produce knowledge, is truly enriching for our world!

Science matters because what tomorrow looks like depends on what we do today. Science matters because through it we are able to learn more about this amazing world that God created! When you stand up for science, you stand for your tomorrow! It was beyond a privilege to speak to some of the most brilliant minds, tackling the worlds most critical problems at March for Science Geneva. Scientists, I admire you and I am glad to be one of you! Thank you for the opportunity to use my voice to inspire and do that which I have been called to do. Here’s the video:

-Unravel Away Artist-