For Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown and all the precious lives carelessly lost to the hands of injustice everyday.

The skies are gray; clouds overcast and turned over
The heavens mourn
Consumed with shadows of sadness and doubt
And watch as the children promised to us
Are gunned down
As life is taken from their young eyes
Eyes yet to see, to live, to know.
Shot by shot
By shot by shot.
Their breaths, their souls, their being
Their dreams
Lost before us
Gone and forgotten in this world

With questions left unanswered
With hearts broken as they’ve had to bid goodbye
To the lifeless bodies of their young
Cradled in their arms
Are left in this world
To seek for answers.
Resolute and Determined.

It’s a tough day today.
It’s a sad day today.
As grief grips the hearts and souls of thousands across the world
As we bear our souls
We look up to heavens
And pray for our unborn children.
And pray for our young children.
And pray for our children innocently walking up and down our streets.

As the tears run across our faces
Dripping on the grounds before us
We look to the heavens with questions yet to be answered
With words lost
With nothing else left to say.

As our tears fall
We are reminded over and over again
That this world is simply but not ours.

As our tears leave streaks across our faces
May God hear them as they drop
May each tear bring forth
A different tomorrow.
Drip by drip
And protect us
Especially as we mourn for our children.
Drip by drip.