Considering the status of global affairs, it’s so easy to get discouraged. You turn on the news, and there is always something tragic and heart wrenching going on somewhere across the world. It almost feels like we cannot escape the tragic turn of events, which then causes us to be cynical and to act in ways that we just plain should not.

I studied Political Science, International Relations and Development Studies because I wanted to be a pioneer of change. I wanted to join all those women and men in International Organizations working as international civil servants to actually make meaningful impact in the lives of others. As I finished my master’s degree though, cynicism settled in. I was discouraged by the selfishness all around me, and the lack of passion and commitment to a cause that is bigger than who we are.

But I have learned something over the years which is that, it only takes one person. As long as each one of us is committed to a cause that we are passionate about, and as long as we stay connected even to the most tragic news in the world, then we maintain a sense of responsibility. YES WE CAN:)

These are the thoughts I share on this week’s video.