We do not support the girl child based on the simple logic that she could be our daughter, our friend, our sister, our cousin. We support the girl child because she was too created with the right, ability and power, to exercise and embody the fullness of her personality and purpose. The girl just is as driven, she as smart, and she is as capable, as anybody and everybody else.

In 2012, the United Nations (UN) declared October 11, the International Day of the Girl Child, to recognize and promote the rights and empowerment of girls, and to highlight and address the unique challenges that they confront everyday.

With 1.1 billion girls in the world, the possibilities of what each one of them can contribute to the world are endless. These girls are full of dreams, and they are full of drive. They are creative, energetic and passionate individuals, who wish, like everyone else, to fulfil their call to the world. These are also girls who face endless violence and discrimination, as their voices are forgotten and pushed to the very margins of society.

The enrolment of girls in primary school remains shamefully low, with 33 million fewer girls than boys in primary school. Every 10 minutes, somewhere in the world, an adolescent girl dies as a result of violence. Each year, 15 million girls are married before the age of 18.

The dire statistics are are as endless as the need for each and every single one of us to support girls everywhere. This year, the need remains for us to pay attention as the theme for this year’s International Day of the Girl Child is “Empower Girls: Before, During and After Crises.”

According to the UN Women statement discussing this important day: “Every 10 minutes, somewhere in the world, an adolescent girl dies as a result of violence. In humanitarian emergencies, gender-based violence often increases, subjecting girls to sexual and physical violence, child marriage, exploitation and trafficking. Adolescent girls in conflict zones are 90 percent more likely to be out of school when compared to girls in conflict-free countries, compromising their future prospects for work and financial independence as adults.”

With the growing and perpetual violence across the world, there remains a need to support girls. These are OUR GIRLS as they are the one who carry OUR FUTURE.

The opportunity for girls is endless, they only need the support of all us, working hand in hand, to speak for and advocate for their tomorrow!

How can you lend your support to girls and women across the world?

  • Take your time to educate yourself about issues affecting girls and women across the world.
  • Consider the situation and condition of the women and girls in your own community. See how you can dedicate your time to help advance the rights and experiences of those around you.
  • Financially support an international or local charity that’s committed to driving girls and women forward.
  • Support organizations and businesses founded and run by women.
  • Pray for girls around the world and the issues affecting them.

Cheers to all the girls in the world!

-Unravel Away Artist-