I don’t know about you guys, but I am still so hyped up about the fact that it’s the beginning of a brand new year. More than any other time of the year, I especially find the first couple of weeks of a new year to be magical! It feels like disney land and like the glistening sun reflecting across the bluest and warmest waters. The air around me is filled with so much positivity, the energies surrounding people point towards a sense of hope and a reckoning of an even better year ahead. Most people are pregnant with so many expectations as they anxiously await and live to see what the next couple of months will reveal. It is a season and a space in time where most people are redefining themselves, where they are working to live up to their goals and resolutions, and where the vibrancy and spirit of a new season, which signifies new beginnings for those favored to see this moment, is clear in everyone’s mind.

The magic in the New Year lies in the profound hope we have in achieving more and doing much better for ourselves. The magic is in the plans we make; it is in our goals all  made to challenge us at the deepest and most personal level within the next 12 months. As I finalize and start working towards my goals and some of the things i want to achieve this year, I am slowly swimming through and relishing all the magic that I am feeling inside and out. I am using that magic and that energy to push myself forward, to hold on to the hope and faith that great things are about to come my way, and to think about where I am with my purpose, and where I am mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and intellectually and meticulously write my goals in light of how I want to develop over the next couple of months.


I am one of those extremely nerdy people who for the last 8 years has kept a document of my short term, intermediate, inter-long term and long term goals. I usually update this document about once or twice a year with some years updating more than others, and other years, shamefully not at all. As a sophomore in college, I remember being a part of a leadership conference where the speaker was relentlessly adamant about us keeping track of our goals and having somewhat of a life plan that is reflective of whatever our purpose is. In light of what we thought we wanted to do with our lives, and what we believed to be our purpose, we were encouraged to think about the direction we would have to take in order for us to get to where we want to be. Thinking small was not permissible in this particular conference, we were expected to think and dream big, and have our goals correlate to the kind of extraordinary future we wanted to have.  

To challenge myself to think about the kind of future I wanted, and to write down my short term, intermediate and long term plans that would enable me to get to that place, was the very best exercise for my nineteen year old self. Even though I have over the years reworked my goals, reprioritized them, and added and taken out some, what I have also done is kept a copy of each document of goals I have ever worked on since 2008. It my most reflective moments when I need to go back and see what God has done for me, what I have achieved, what else I need to do, and how I have changed and grown, I go back to those goals and track the progress that I have made. In those few moments, I pray and ask God to give me direction in as far as what else I need to know about those goals, and which direction I need to take, and when. 


In preparation for 2016, I spent the last couple of days before the New Year praying and fasting with my church. This is something that I had never done before, and in light of the changes that have going on in my life,  I couldn’t have entered the New Year any other way. I spent a lot of time in prayer and really talking to God about how He wants to use me this years, and what how He wants me to go out fulfilling my wildest imaginations and dreams which I have turned into my goals. I spent sometime looking at how far Go has brought me, how consistent and committed I am to my purpose and calling, and how well I am living. I looked at how my work, my school and my ministry were reflective or not with my calling, and what changes I need to make moving forward.

I share this with you today to say, the beautiful thing about the New Year is the great opportunity we have to reflect, to see what we want our future to look like, what we want to learn and where we want to redefine ourselves. It’s a beautiful moment to step back from our lives and ask ourselves the toughest questions as we prepare to enter a new season. I don’t think New Years or birthdays should be the only time we do this, but I think ceremonially, they present a perfect opportunity for us to be reflective and get into our truths, particularly if we are people who often get absorbed by and sucked into the hectic nature of everyday life. In my truth, I know that I am grounded in those moments that I spend looking at my goals and talking to God. That is because my goals remind me of who I am, and remind me of what I am here to do, especially when I feel lost to the day to day hustle of everyday life. My reflective moments with God and my wildest dreams and imaginations remind me to look at the bigger picture, and to focus my energy and time on what is important, and what my life on this earth is here to achieve.

With that, dearest reader, I encourage you to write. Write your wildest dreams and imaginations and turn them into achievable goals. Better yet, write down your short term, intermediate, inter-long term, and long term goals. I encourage you as we are at the beginning of this New Year to unravel your mind and soul, and think am I living the best life I know how? Is what I am doing everyday reflective of my purpose and calling? What changes should I make to ensure that, I am today living the best life I know now, and doing it the best way I know how? I would love to hear from you!

-Unravel Away Artist-