I haven’t shared anything with you, my dearest readers, in a while so I thought I would come back with this. If I go silent again, which I often do when I’m super stressed, or completely uninspired, you can catch me writing at www.ours-mag.com  Make sure to keep up with some of my posts on that side particularly under the section Think Tank.

So, here is a little bit of truth about myself. I have the tendency to be an over think and over strategizer. In my work everyday or in my school, especially now that I working on this PhD, (another story for another day) I am constantly thinking on how to do something better, or making lists on all the projects I need to work on and aspects of my work or school I need to improve! I like feeling accomplished, and giving a little bit too much of myself in everything! Thus when I am overwhelmed and stressed, which I often am, I retrieve to what I call my happy place or space. In this space I pray, I meditate, I write stories or poetry, I run, I draw, I paint, I perform, all to slow my mind down and be and live my other self. (I believe that we all have many selves that make up who we are. That’s another story for another day).

When I write creatively, or when I draw, even the silliest things, my mind is transported to a different place. There is nothing that matters more in those moments than what is exactly happening before me! It’s in these moments that I feel the freest, that I feel like I am living my other self well! These moments are what allow me to put myself together again so that in the next couple of hours or the next day, I can go back to the hustle and bustle, to the grind, and continue to chase that paper!

I love these moments because they remind me that we are complex individuals who have a multitude of interests that need to be cultivated in order for us to live well in our many elements! It’s how I choose to get through this life thing.

Today, was a good day, and chose to briefly enter my happy place! It was so good of a day that I was inspired to do a couple of art projects in my house, with one of them being hanging up some pictures and art work that I have been working on for the last couple of months. I know I have share something like this with you all, that even though I from time to time enjoy painting and drawing, I am far from being the pencil on paper magician in the family! That title would in fact be reserved for the artist extraordinaire himself my brother Mr. Miston! You can check out his incredible work here or stalk him on Facebook here.

Needless to say, about 3 years ago, I found a moment, retrieved to my prayerful, meditative, reflective, and happy place, and came out with particular drawing. I shared it for the first time here. After years of keeping her under wraps though, today I found another moment and was inspired to frame Mademoiselle Afrique and hang her up! She symbolizes a very special moment in my personal growth (check out the motherland on her head)! She symbolizes a time when I was making some personal decisions, I really struggling to place my identity or at least to accept all of my identities! She is an incredible reminder of the many selves I hold and most importantly, where all those selves lead and point to!

Mme Afrique

And about a week and a half ago, I retrieved again and this is what was on my mind.

art project

I really share this post today to say, when you’re overloaded by life, and maybe confused and unsure, find your quiet and peaceful space, or your happy place so to say, listen to your truth and watch and be surprised as to where your mind and your heart will take you!

What do you do in your happy place?