I wrote this post months ago, but for whatever reason, which I can’t seem to put my finger on, I didn’t get the opportunity to post it. Because of that, this comes as a MAD LATE post, and I’m sure all of you have seen already seen this incredible tribute! Needless…

I will share it anyway because this right here is the MOST AMAZING thing I have seen in a long time, and does it have me raising my hands and praising the heavens. The Queens! My Queens of Soul got together and gave us what is the most amazing cover of one of Stevie Wonder’s greatest songs in the key of life, “As!”.

Your girl cannot stop smiling, cheering and praying cause the Lord, IT IS GOOD! My three girls, whom I have never imagined in my mind (And now I am wondering why not) could ever do a collaboration like this, got together and they did it!

Yes they did it, they did it well, and they did me proud! You’ve got the soulful and ever raw and poised Jill Scott with the eclectic, eccentric and unapologetically confident Janelle Monae with the imaginative, authentically beautiful, divinely self-assured India Arie. These three artists’ sounds together is nothing short of magic, of music at its very best. It’s engaging, entertaining, jaw dropping, energetic and down right sexy! It’s absolutely genius to bring these exceptionally talented women together to honor this music legend, Stevie Wonder.

As Jill put it, this collaborative song indeed is their love letter to this man, and boy did it sound like it! Sensual and downright beautiful! Right from their earnest introduction of the song all the way to Jill Scott’s perfectly hit ending note, the 6 minutes of their performance are nothing short of breathtaking! For high quality resolution viewing, ENJOY here or you can just watch the YouTube link below:)

-Unravel Away Artist-