I was randomly browsing the net, researching some grad school related articles, writing in my journal, blogging etc when this song started playing on my lappie. I’ve heard this song a million times before but for “whatever” reason, it brought tears to my eyes this time around. You never know what life brings and what tomorrow holds, enjoy all your beautiful surprises:) I had to post the lyrics below. It’s amazingg.

“Beautiful Surprise”

It’s like yesterday
I didn’t even know your name
Now today
You’re always on my mind
I never could have predicted that I feel this way
You are beautiful surprise
Intoxicated every time I hear your voice
You’ve got me on a natural high
It’s almost like I didn’t even have a choice
You are a beautiful surprise

Whatever it is you came to teach me
I am here to learn it cause
I believe that we are written in the stars
I don’t know what the future holds
But I’m living in the moment
And I’m thankful for the man that you are, you are, you are
You are everything I ask for in my prayers
So I know my angels brought you to my life
Your energy is healing to my soul
You are a beautiful surprise
You are an inspiration to my life
You are the reason why I smile
You are a beautiful surprise