We all carry different motivations as to why we want to lose weight! For some of us, it is to feel better about ourselves and our bodies, our clothes, and for others of us, it is to strike a self balance between the spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual…to be and express the best of all that we are. To succeed and meet your goals, one thing that is for sure is that YOU must be motivated by SOMETHING!  I am by no means an expert on weight loss but what I am is a little experienced.

Most of our stories when it comes to weight loss involve a lot of starting, failing, stopping, starting, failing, stopping, all because weight loss is not easy and cannot be approached without a serious game plan. That said, I am here to tell you that, that USED to be my story, and that’s why I think what I have to share, might be of use to some of you:) For 5 years, I was on that #OprahStruggle of losing and gaining weight, and when I found myself at what felt like my HIGHEST WEIGHT EVER (181/182 lbs), I said, enough was enough.

I am going to be sharing a series of videos on my personal weight loss journey, and hope to encourage someone who desires to make a lasting impact on their health and on their body.

In this video, I discuss what motivated me to lose weight and how that motivation factor kept me going and going and going back to the gym!

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-Unravel Away Artist-