I was on the phone with my brother and were talking about….well actually like most of our conversations, it was more me talking and him listening…music that inspires us to work and hustle hard! Like most of you, I have a pretty demanding and at times stressful job, and on top of that, I’m in school. Because I am in a place where I am doing everything I love, I can’t even complain that I hate working up early to start my hustle each day. With the high demands of life, I have found ways to cope, with one of them being listening to a small list I call “A Hustler’s Jams!”

This is the music that I listen to when I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, or just want to kick up my energy during the workday. It’s music I listen to to remind myself that this is what life is about at this point in time. I must do everything I can to live the life I know today, and do it the best way that I know how. We are only given one chance and one life to do it right. We thus must make sure that we are impactful and can leave a great legacy behind. So why not hustle hard, and do it like a boss!

One day, when we are fabulous and gray, we can look back at all the work that we have done, and the slightly better world we have created, and we can smile to ourselves and pray that the generation after us can do much better than we did. It’s great know that we don’t have to work till infinity, but today, WE MUST WORK and we must work HARD.

This is my list of jams, and hope that they can inspire this Monday as they do me when I find myself in a bind. What jams do you listen to to kick up your energy and to remind yourself that you need to keep hustling? I would love to hear from you! Have a great HUSTLER’s JAMs week, and come back often to share your thoughts.

In no particular order:

Ambition, Wale: For the Bona Fide Hustler, it’s never about money or fame. The Bona Fide Hustler hustles because of passion, because of her or his ambition; because of PURPOSE.

Applause, Lady Gaga: Special shout out to my brother, Mr. Miston, for recommending this song as his Hustler’s Jam. I wasn’t initially convinced about this one, but once I listed to it a couple of times, I was like YES YES YES why not!  Even if you do it for the applause, or for the recognition, the most important thing is that YOU put in the work. At the end of the day, who doesn’t like being appreciated and given a round of applause. Go for it:)

Wiz Work Hard Play Hard, Wiz Khalifa: This song means BUSINESS. When it’s on, don’t even talk to me. Serious things are about to happen as soon as this comes on. I’m always going to work hard, so that when life permits, I can too play hard 😉

Hustle Harder, Common: Cause I (all all the hustler women I know) hustle harder than all of “them!” And it’s about time that women were recognized as equal players in both the private and public spaces. Gender inequality is not just not a women’s problem, it’s human problem. As human beings who give our share fair, we deserve both the economic and political recognition for it.

The Show Goes On, Lupe Fiasco: The show does always always go on! You should never be satisfied by the mediocrity or by simply doing what’s “good enough.” You should always  keep dreaming, keep pushing, keep hustling! The world is full of so many incredible possibilities, and they CAN be open to ALL OF US if we continue to hustle for a world that can actually allow all of our dreams to come true! “The race is not given to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, …but to the one who endureth until the end.” Let’s keep hustling!

The Best One Yet, Black Eyed Peas: Special shout out to my girl, Proudly African, for recommending this one as her Hustler’s Jam. It’s so amazingly chilled and can pretty much fit most moods. I can write something creative to it, but can also dance to it as I get ready for a night out:)

Infinity, Wizzboy: I can’t make a list like this and not have at least a single Afrobeats jam! I ran across this while I was taking my jog a couple of weeks, and absolutely fell in love! It’s a hustler’s jam in it’s purest essence. I surround myself with a lot of Nigerians, and not to put form any stereotypes, or undermine other peoples, but most of them I know (I choose good friends haha) truly embody the word  HUSTLER and can pop champagne:) “I no go hustle to infinity. I bin dey hustle with pain. Now I dey pop champagne. So me I no fit suffer again.” Respect!

Conqueror, Estelle: This is a jam for those rare days when you are feeling a little in insecure. It’s for those days when you’re not sure you can accomplish everything you’ve set out for yourself, and that little voice of doubt seems much louder than all your other voices! It’s a great jam to get you back on speed, and to remind you that those gray days are normal, and are part of the human experience. You just can’t allow yourself to normalize them, or to find comfort in them. You must find the strength to get up and STAND TALL! You’re a conqueror; a HUSTLER. We got things to do:)


Love Yourz, J.Cole: To all the haters out there. Join the game and hustle hard for your purpose. No point watching from the sidelines and hating wondering why things in your life are not changing, but you’re doing the same thing everyday! Join the movement my friends. Hustle away:)

I am Light, India Arie: Need I say More?


Some humor:

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