It’s an undeniable truth that the company we keep, is a sure reflection of who we are as people. Our company has the potential and power to either push us to become the best of who we are, or can hold us back from living and expressing our optimum truth.

In the trajectory of life, we live in an obvious and constant engagement with personalities and characters, that are, at different levels, very different from who we are. The beauty about the connections we make with others, is that, they enable us to learn how to behave as the social creatures that we were created to be, and that they provide for us companionship, in a world that can quickly feel dark and morbid, if experienced alone.

In loving the company that we keep, we consciously make a point to be aware about how our bodies can and do influence those around us, and also become aware about how the bodies and perspectives of others, influence us. That awareness has to come as a result of us knowing what our truth is, how to express it and how to share it. In our engagement with these fundamental core values, we train ourselves to know which company we keep close, and which one we keep at arms length. There are those individuals in our lives that only go to exacerbate and encourage habits and ideas that don’t necessary coincide with our core, and that go to embody the idea that it’s not every company that we have, that we should keep.

Furthermore, in loving the company that we keep, we have to be purposeful and directive in how we chose our inner circle. The company that we keep should be reflective of the beauty that we want to see in life. Those are the individuals who should everyday inspire us just by how they chose to live their lives, by how they made decisions, by how they chose to spend their time, by how they love and serve God, by how they influence their communities, by how they love and give back to others, by how they communicate with different people from different worlds. Those are the friendships that the Bible says shall bring us wisdom! (Proverbs 13.20).

Good company are the friendships and personalities that, when life feels heavy on your shoulders, remind us why we are a company that they chose to keep. Because these are friendships that are a reflection of the best of what you want to see in this world, when life gets tough, they are the ones that inevitably remind you of how you can begin to offload your shoulders, and find your way back to your truth! There’s no greater gift in life, that a good friend, who sticks closer than a brother (Proverbs 18:24).

In conclusion, I say to you my friend: surround yourself with people who bring out the very best of who you are; people who know your truth and will speak it to you, in those moments that you need it the most. And, you too become the kind friend that others would love to keep! You be the friend that will remind others of the of who they are, when life begins to feel a little heavy!

Here’s to beautiful friendships, that exemplify what it means for two spirits to speak the same language.

-Unravel Away Artist-