Today, Tuesday, February 10, 2016 marks the two year anniversary of one of the greatest days of my life!

Just a couple of days before I was set to leave for my Christmas vacation, I received a phone call that would change my life! Met with an unexpected and overtly joyful sound, the words across the phone line were as simple as, are you ready to stand in front of hundreds of people and share your big idea?

After weeks upon weeks of polishing my public speaking skills and of rehearsals upon rehearsals, on Monday, February 10, 2014 I had the great honor and privilege of standing in front of hundreds and hundreds of people and sharing this idea of development that is so very close to my heart, and that is the guiding force of EVERYTHING I do.

It is my God given purpose to be a voice to my world that led me to that moment. Even though the last two years have been a roller coaster of a ride and a fight for me to remember what I am here to do, I stand on this February 10, 2016 assured more than ever, that my purpose is still alive! I know there is a path that I must tread upon, if I am going to fully realize the perfection of God’s will for my life!


It has been quite a journey to be able to come back to this place where I am reflective and aware about how my decisions impact the higher calling for my life! Even though I have allowed the chaos and noise of life, plus the hustle of goal checking and survival to impact the path that I should have been on, I am telling you today that it is never too late!

Whatever dreams God has placed on your heart, pursue them and pursue them passionately! Don’t allow the day to day hustle of life and survival distract you from looking at the bigger plan of what you are here to do! My mother always says to me, “Eleanor, bills will always be here, and so will those expensive shoes you love. Just remember that there is a time for everything!” And my time to pursue all that is at my heart is today, it is now!

Even though the numbers in our age might quickly be adding up, we are still very much young, we are still very much youthful, we are still very much passionate and we are still very much energetic! As such, there is no better time than NOW for us to start what we are meant and called to do!

Know what your purpose is, allow yourself to dwell and be lost in it, and passionately reflect on it and pursue it every single day! My love for people, my love for my community, and my love for change and social justice are the driving forces behind my purpose, behind my life! I have made a commitment to everyday be reflective about my purpose and to make sure that the decisions that I make with regards to my projects, my job, my family, my friends and everything else in my life are perfectly aligned with my purpose! As long as I do that, I know that dreams like TEDx will continue to come true! All these unimaginable things and even much greater things are possible for all of us as long as we remain authentically who we are, and we shape our lives based on the knowledge God has given us about our futures!

Development ought to be about community transformation, about local and global social justice, about making a difference and serving communities to create a truly just world, no matter what that implies, or where it needs to be done. Development and the action of making a difference should be synonymous and usable interchangeably.”

What are you doing to breath and live your purpose everyday? What sort of commitments have you made to ensure that you speak your authentic voice everyday and that you remain connected to your higher calling?

-Unravel Away Artist-