Eleanor T. Khonje, TEDx Lausanne 2014!

I am so very overwhelmed by the love and support that my dear friends and family have showed me these last couple of weeks! I am especially overwhelmed by the love and the blessings that God has bestowed on my life! A sinner as I am, He finds ways to use me, and to use my voice and passion in ways that I could never have imagined. I have had one dream my whole life, and that is to live a life of purpose; my purpose. To use my voice, and my life to bring light to injustices, and to be a voice to those who question their own voices. I live to inspire myself and my generation to know that we can always do better for our world. Truly, I am just but an agent, and when is all is said and done, I just want my Creator to look at me and say, “well done my good and faithful servant.” Thus, I look at everything happening around me with such a humble heart, as a blessing to one who is not deserving, but one who has found favor in the eyes of God. So, thank you to all of you for touching my life, and for spreading a message that is so dear to my heart!To those who have been asking and wanting to know…my TEDx talk was first and foremost inspired by my experience, as I highlight in the video, and it was also inspired by my passion that as a generation, we have the potential to make this world a different place! With our energy and connectedness, we can share stories about how we are transforming our own communities, and how that transformation is bringing about change in the lives of others! In sharing what we believe and what we are doing for our world, we inspire others to do the same!

There is a world, a whole world, around us that is looking at each one of us to see how it is that we can lend a hand. In our own personal commitments, and passions, we can and should always find ways in which we transform and make this world better for all of humanity! It is not only people in the highest positions of power who should have the responsibility to make change, we can, and should make  that our own responsibility because the world is ours! As I am challenging myself to do better for my world, and to make decisions, in both my private and public life, that are going to push the boundaries of society and bring about justice, fairness, and equality, what are you going do to? How are you going to do it? This is a platform of exchange; a platform to learn from each other and inspire one another! Share with me, and share with your friends how you plan on doing different and doing better for our whole world! I’m so very humbled, and so very excited to see what we, as a generation, can do together!
Here is the look at the TEDx Video: