Did you know that you were born and are called to live a HIGHER LIFE in Christ Jesus? This is the transcendent life, where regardless of whatever challenges or circumstances that life may throw your way, you overcome, win and triumph through it all, always. That is the life that Christ gave us when be died and resurrected on the cross. The Bible teaches us that Christ came so that we might have life and have it more abundantly, and that as a result of the sacrifice that He made, we have been given ALL THINGS that pertain to life and to godliness. I don’t know about you, but THAT IS THE LIFE that I have chosen to live. A life where I am rest assured that NO MATTER what may come my way, I stand as a victor always and that each and every circumstance, works together for my good, for I have been called by God!

This past weekend (September 8- September 10), I had the honor and the privilege to be taught and to be confirmed by Man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, at the Higher Life Conference in London. It was a GLORIOUS atmosphere of miracles, where as the Man of God ministered the word of God, lives were changed right in front of our eyes. As He ministered to us about the power and the ministry of the Holy Spirit in our lives, those who were hungry and needing a miracle from God received in right there and then. I saw with my own two eyes, those who were not able to walk, begin to walk; those who were not able to see, begin to see; and those who were not able to hear, begin to hear. People were delivered of spirits and strongholds that had left them bound, and for the first time ever, found themselves walking in the freedom and peace that we find in Christ. What an atmosphere to praise and to glorify God!

Without a single element of doubt, I know and I know and I know that I am called to live the HIGHER LIFE in CHRIST JESUS! Regardless of what may come my way, I know that God, the maker and doer of all things true and good, has already maneuvered for all those things to work out for my good. It remains my responsibility, as I yield to the ministration of the Holy Spirit in my life, to walk in the transcendent life. It is only but my responsibility to utilize God’s given principles, which can be found in the word of God, to ensure that every situation turns to work always in my favor. Blessed be God!

Here is the a video featured on the Unraveling the Mind YouTube Channel of some of my take aways from the Higher Life Conference, with my Man of God, Pastor Chris. Thank you for watching and subscribing to the channel. Share in the comments below, what has been your relationship with the Holy Spirit. How has that relationship turned situations around in your life?

-Unravel Away Artist-