Exactly year ago on this International Youth Day day, I was busy creating my concept for this video competition that I wanted to submit for the World Movement for Democracy International Youth Day Competition. The theme: Addressing Mental Health. Luckily enough I was chosen as one of the winners, and luckily enough I got to spend almost a week in the midst of some of the most inspiring youth leaders and world shakers from different parts of the world.

youth day

Fast forward a year, youth involvement in development and democratic processes is just as important. This year’s theme, Youth Civic Engagement, goes to show how the voices of young people are critical at all levels of governance. Not too long ago as I was interviewing for a visa at the Nigerian Consulate, I was reminded by an older gentleman who worked in the office that whereas the concerns of his generation might just be to provide as much as they can for their children and their grandchildren, it is people like myself, like yourselves, who have to take ownership of civic processes in our countries to ensure that the changes we want to see can become a lived reality. We must engage, as much as we can in, in policy and programming processes and in research both at local and regional levels, all the way to the international governing bodies. It is our untarnished commitment to change, our idealistic approaches, our unfaltering optimism, that are going to ensure that tomorrow is a much better day; that tomorrow is that much more fairer and that much more committed to fair human rights principles.

Fellow youth leader, what is your commitment to your world?

-Unravel Away Artist-