Y’all, what a beautiful and growing journey life is. I am so thankful for quite moments such as this, where I get to deeply reflect, learn from the canvas that is my fabulous 👸🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾life and openly and honestly share with you! I want to share something that I’ve been going through and that, thanks to God’s grace, have overcome because greater is He that is in me.

Now, as a professional motivational speaker, the most popular areas I develop my presentations on are on: leadership (leading others and leading yourself), on success (how the get it, how to keep it), on the power of mindfulness (why being conscious about your why matters), and of course on all things development (gender, youth, education etc). These are my areas, and like to think of myself as an expert or “almost expert” in these fields!

Sooooo, imagine waking up one day without your own consciousness of success, and waking up with the “F” word, FEAR, haunting the very dreams that God gave you! Just imagine you becoming the embodiment of those things you talk against? And you’re supposed to be an at expert motivating others???!!! What kind of expert leader? Yesssss, self-doubt! That was all me!

The truth is that we don’t consciously maintain and activate those things that we talk about, this is something that can easily happen anyone, including those people who might consider themselves experts. Doubt is inevitable as we journey through life, but the question is, what is your response to that doubt? Fear is a trick to get us on the wrong course, and the question there is, how do you rise above that fear? Who do you have around you when you face these moments of doubts and fear? And most importantly, what do you have inside of you that will remind you of who you are, and that will whisper to you, your dreams matter!

I share this to say that as you journey through this life, it matters what and who is your source. As a child of God, success is already yours, but there are principles you must know to apply to manifest your success. You can’t sleep all day, busy turning in your bed, and expect the Lord to give you a promotion at work or in your school. 😳😳😳 Same thing, you cannot expect to succeed in life, when at the first sight of a challenge you give up! There are battles you will have to face, but just know that you are already victorious in Christ Jesus. No matter the storm or the level of fear and doubt, you have it in you to overcome and live as a victor! Never give up, and you will be a great success!

Your SUCCESS [insert your name] lies in your ability to overcome elements of self-doubt & gain the courage O to never give up!

-Unravel Away Artist-