It’s always a great honor, and great fun, to come to this space to share something creative with y’all! It is not very often that I am inspired to share these kinds of posts, so when the energy to write on something like this comes, I RUN WITH IT!

As I shared in this post on the Politics of Personally Defined Politics, I so much believe that how we choose to express ourselves with what we wear, speaks so much about who we are to the world. I believe that obsessing over what people think about us and how we express ourselves, is detrimental to our self-development as people, as much as I believe that ignoring that how we are received and treated by people is in part determined by how we fully express ourselves, is too detrimental to our self-development.

Point is, as we look to become and express the best of who we are, we must find ways to define what that means to us. Be it our health, our spiritual growth, our careers, our school, our relationships, how we dress, we want to make sure that we carry what epitomizes our most authentic self-expression. And that is why moments of reflection are sooooo important, and why posts like this matter to both me as the writer and you as the reader. I digress.

As you consider what you wear everyday, and what it says about who you are, I want to share some tips on how I navigate my wardrobe as a busy “career” gal. With an exhaustive schedule that is split up between full time work, full time school, church, working out, entrepreneurial ventures and this blog, time is of critical essence to me. As such, I have developed some creative methods and techniques to have fun with different aspects of my life, while remaining conscious that I don’t have all the time to do it all.

As someone who appreciates dressing up and dressing well everyday, it’s important for me to keep TIDY and polished for work and life, generally! They say you wanna dress not for the job you have, BUT for the one that you are working towards…and what’s the other one…dress how you want to be seen and addressed! That’s right!

One of my techniques is that I have a “Self Expressive Fashion” Statement uniform or pattern! Everyone can create a uniform or pattern that is reflective of who they are, and that helps them maintain what they want to express when they hit the streets, while saving tons of time! I know describing our personal fashion expression, as a uniform, is reminiscent of those elementary school days when you were forced to wear plaid skirts and knee high socks, but that is not the uniform that I am describing here. LOL What I mean by a uniform is what you see as your pattern of self-expression and what you want to express every single day.

Here is my “technique” and secret to maintaining fabulosity everyday; what is my so-called “uniform”. On each day of week, I maintain the style and look that I describe below. You see, as a busy consumerist, who has more clothes and shoes than what I need, this helps me focus on different aspects of my closet, each and everyday of the week, instead of being overwhelmed by it, like I was in the past.

Monday: Business Class Monday (Formal Dress Pants with a Blazer) Mondays are my most productive days, therefore I match the seriousness of the first day of the week, with a more “serious” formal look, as well. Catch me looking like Hillary Clinton on Mondays!

Business Class Monday (Formal Dress Pants with a Blazer)

Tuesday: Skirty Tuesday (Skirt) I love skirts soooo it makes sense to wear them on the day after a tough productive day! Lol. I rotate between a-line/flared and pencil/ bodycon skirts.

Skirty Tuesday

Wednesday: Dress Up Wednesday (Dress) Dresses are easy and they are so perfect for hump day. What speaks, it’s the middle of the week and I don’t want overthink bottoms and tops, than a dress!

Dress Up Wednesday

Thursday: Freedom Thursday (“Khakis”/Tights) “Khakis” to me mean pants that are not formal dress pants. Soooo pants that are not lined and are not too dressy. On Thursdays, I prefer pants that are in that “khaki” fabric and cut and from time to time I wear on this day, some good old tights. Except, since we are moving into spring and summer, I am staying away from the too revealing black tights and are usually paired with a long lose shirt/ sweater. Lol.

Freedom Thursday (“Kakhis’/Tights)

Friday: Casual Friday (Jeans???) I don’t really like jeans, so casual Fridays are quite difficult for me, unfortunately. Having lost some weight, I have recently fallen in love with high-waisted jeggings…so that is what I have been using for casual Fridays. Because I still like to maintain a serious look, even on Friday’s, the “jeans” I usually dark washed and at times, I wear the the more formal flared jeans.

Casual Friday! (“Jeggings”)

To continue to save time and to keep my “uniform” creative and never boring, another fun thing I do during some weeks is, I chose different themes for the week. So, for example, this week was black and white as you can see in the photos below. Since my closet is color coordinated, the black and white theme further narrowed down my choices for the week, another element that helped me save time, and as a COLOR LOVER challenged me to break out of that.

Same “Uniform” with Black and White Theme

Based on my style, and what I have, other themes that work for me include: blazer week,  African fabric week, cardigan week, shades of green week, shades of nudes (greys, creams, light browns) week, shades of red week, animal print week, bright heels week…all sorts. All you do is incorporate an element from the theme in your everyday “uniform,” that way you are saving time but are also maintaining your personal creativity. I know, it’s GENIUS! Lol. Come to find out, when I started to have open conversations about this, I found quite a number of career oriented friends, who too utilize some sort of “uniform” technique! Join the awesome fabulosity!

Sooooo for all you super busy gals and boyz, who have minimal time to spend on thinking about what to wear, but who still wanna look TIDY and express your best self, how do you creatively navigate your closet? What sorts of “techniques” and “guides” have you developed for yourself? What is your uniform? Share your comments below.

-Unravel Away Artist-