I absolutely believe that all of us were born with a measure of talent and ability that is unique to who we are.

It’s an ability that feels inmate and that comes from the most natural and authentic place of who we are; an ability that allows us to do and be great, without so much as “trying too hard.” For some of us that ability is singing, for others of us that ability is making connections with other people, for some of us it’s in our ability to solve problems, for others of its in our communication, for some of us it’s our ability to learn and synthesize information whilst for others of us is our ability to share wisdom. All of us have something.

I think that most times in life we waste so much of our time trying to cultivate elements of who we are, that are not the truest reflection of our being. We spend so much time looking at the abilities of others, and comparing ourselves to them, that we forget that we to carry strengths and traits, that set us apart from the rest of the world.

Our greatness is determined in our ability to reflect and be conscious of those things we just know how; we know how to do them, we know about them, there’s something that speaks to us about those things.

It’s a matter of as a recognizing that particular ability and learning how to cultivate it so that it can speak to every element of who we are. I share this today, to say, take the time to learn your thing. Cultivate it and become the very best at it. Know that it’s yours that you were created for it, that you were born to do it, that you have to be the very best at it.

Share in the comments below what your thing is. How did you recognize it, how did you grow it, and how do you plan on becoming the best at it?

-Unravel Away Artist-