“Fashion shouldn’t just be dressing up and getting ready each morning, putting on something you think is cute. Fashion really should be an expression AND an extension of who you are as an individual. It should inspire you to be better and to be greater each moment that you glance at yourself. It should be a reminder not only of the great person you are but should reflect your thoughts, your dreams, your hopes, and your likeness as an individual.” -etk

I had a very good friend of mine earlier this morning tweet me: “My 30 something fashion inspiration…fuse Tracee Ellis Ross, Reese Witherspoon and Chrisette Michele.” As soon as I read that tweet, I tweeted her back with this simple question: “That’s an amazing trio! In words how would you describe that?” She replied with: “Fashion forward Southern belle with a 1920s/ Neosoul twist. It says business woman, wife, mother and philanthropist.” My last message to her was: “I simply love it!”

Some of you might be wondering why this conversation was relevant enough that I had to blog about it. Well check this out. One of the reasons that I asked her to describe in words why she chose these 3 individuals to represent her 30 something year old style, was because I wanted to know, in words, how these women FIT who she is now, and how she believes they make a statement today which she hopes to be a part of who she is at 30 onwards. How do these women encompass her personality, her goals, dreams, etc

Everyone who knows me understands that if there are several things in life I know for sure those would be Africa, politics, service and fashion (Disclaimer: I am grouping a lot of things in those 4 categories)! I am blessed with a passion and a gift which allows me to be African, to serve others through politics, inspire and motivate others through service, and look great while doing what I love the most because I am a nista! I am a believer in that that we wear is a direct STATEMENT about who we are as individuals and I wish more people really took time to think about it. Although I am extremely eclectic in my sense of style, I cannot sum up everything I wear to simply be eclectic. Because of my identity as an Afropolitan (African Cosmopolitan) and because of my varied interests and passions, my closet is a variation of a lot different styles which encompass my varied individual elements. I could look like a Type A personality politician one day, look completely African with a twist of vintage the next. Centric Bohemian another day, and completely tailored the next! [Sometimes I even combine all these styles to encompass a single look=)]

I was inspired to blog by this tweet not because I am a fashion junkie but because this friend of mine took what she believes to be her purpose in life and incorporated it in the look that she hopes to one day portray as an individual. She used her purpose in life, her personality, her goals and dreams to inspire her fabulosity and desire to be a fashion forward South belle business woman, mother, wife and philanthropist! There is something so deep and just touching about that!! *goosebumps*

I challenge you this time around to allow fashion to be both an EXPRESSION and an EXTENSION of who you are. Think about who you are today, and also what you hope to be one day and see if what you are wearing everyday is a statement about those very things! Be BOLD is your fashion statement!