It’s been a while dearest friends!

Though I am super late to the new year party, it’s still January 2018, therefore,  happy new year to all of you, happy 2018, happy year of the supernatural!

As we continue to grow and walk in purpose together, I have some amazing posts that I am going to share with you this year. My goal is to share with all of you substantive and inspiring posts, that offer learning moments to all of us as we continue to lead purpose driven lives evinced by personal and societal change. 2018 is a year for all of us to grow together, as it is a year for us to live and be the embodiment of our dreams and God given potential.

Thank you for joining me in this journey, and thank you for tuning in always. Those of you who follow my Instagram page (@unravelingthemind) know that 2018 has already been filled with so many supernatural wonders, and I can’t for you to experience that same supernatural power in your own lives.

Since today is the very last day of January 2018, it’s all about gratitude. Gratitude for a month well spent, gratitude for the very air that I breathe, gratitude for having made in another year, gratitude for this moment in time, gratitude for the wonder that is THE DIVINE.

As is customary on the last day of the month , here are 5 points of gratitude from January 2018 (and December 2017 since I slipped up and forgot to share. Blame vacation mode..LOL).


Yes, yes, yes! My man of God prophetically declared 2018 our year of the supernatural! Divinity walking and working amongst humanity at levels never experienced in our lives! This is the year of supernatural supply, supernatural strength, supernatural abilities, supernatural insight, supernatural wisdom, supernatural knowledge, supernatural strength! Just you watch God work!


I don’t even have enough words to express how thankful I am to see 29! 29! 29! God is sooooooo soooooooo sooooooo GOOD! 28 was AMAZING and I know 29 will be even more GLORIOUS! It’s the last year in my twenties, and y’all, I have the greatest expectations, and I know the Spirit of God will deliver.

3. Royal Party in Denver, Colorado

I had the honor and privileged to spend time with some of my besties for my 29th and Bachelorette weekend in Denver, Colorado! I had the VERY BEST TIME with my girls, and I am soooo thankful for all the sacrifices each and every single one of them made, to make it the BEST WEEK for us. What beautiful memories, fun, stories, laughter, tears…all the works! It was a moment to be remembered and a moment to give thanks to God for! It was #blackmexicangirlmagic!!!!! <3


I am soooo thankful for the time that I was able to spend with my friends and family in December and beginning of January! It was much needed and the very best! I got to do so many memorable things with my mommy, and I can’t thank God enough!

5. Fruitfulness

Thank you God for the works of my hands; thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve in Your house; thank you for my job; thank you for my work as a doctoral candidate; thank you for my business; thank you for this blog; thank you for the opportunity to motivate and inspire the lives of others; thank you for making the works of my hands FRUITFUL.

2018, I know I will never forget you because you you will give me the very best year of my life!

And you my dearest friends, what are you grateful from from the month of January of 2018? Share in the comments below:)

-Unravel Away Artist-