If you follow me on Instagram, (@unravelingthemind), then you know, the re-launch of this blog has been in the words for quite some time now. Even though my easiest and quickest option was to bring someone on board, to make a reality the vision I had in mind, I figure, let me teach myself one or two things about website design and coding, and let’s see how this thing goes..haha.

I am soooooo happy and grateful to be re-launching this space today. Thank you to all of you who have been following this blog since it was born 8 years ago, and to those of you who have joined the journey along the way. Unraveling the Mind looks to continue to inspire all of us to lead purpose driven lives that are evidenced by personal and societal development, and I hope that you all will continue to come along for the ride.

To mark this great re-launch, Unraveling the Mind is going to be GIVING AWAY 5 AMAZING GOODIES that are reflective of what this space is all about! The giveaways will highlight the five “Unraveling Minds”: The Spiritual Mind, The Activist Mind, The Quotidian Mind, The Nerdy Mind, The Creative Mind. These “Minds” not only reveal the layers of our complex individuality and humanity, but they also demonstrate how these different layers, of who we are, continuously work together to produce change within us and in our wider society. The topics covered in these minds include:

The Spiritual Mind: God and Faith, Spiritual Growth, Gratitude

The Activist Mind: Feminist Thought, Blackness-Africaness Consciousness, Political and Social Development

The Quotidian Mind: Everyday Fabulosity, Healthy Living and Doing, Human Relationships

The Intellectual Mind: Self Development and Leadership, Exceptional Personalities, Good Reading

The Creative Mind: Music Soulmate, Spoken Word and Poetic Goodness, DIY Projects

The first giveaway is The Power of Your Mind by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, D.Sc., D.D. The Spiritual Mind is for me NUMBER ONE (the spiritual controls the physical), and I couldn’t think of a better book that has helped transform me spiritually, than The Power of Your Mind. Pastor Chris does such a beautiful job at teaching us about what the word of God says about the power that we carry as people, through our minds. My wholehearted belief that God has given me the power to create the life that I WANT comes as a result of my reading this book and meditating on the scriptures that he teaches on.  I couldn’t think of a better GOODIE to start this GIVEAWAY with than, The Power of Your Mind.

For a chance to win this book:

1. Follow @unravelingthemind on Instagram

2. On Instagram, tag 2-3 friends on the giveaway and share in the comments what you are most grateful for that God has done for you thus far in the year 2017?

3. SUBSCRIBE to www.unravelingthemind.com

I am also very happy to announce that we will be welcoming some amazing amazing writers and contributors to this blogging space. If you are interested in contributing to Unraveling the Mind, just click here or send an email to unravelingthemind@gmail.com