Spoken word is one of my favorite things to watch especially when it is a live show. There is something very unique about performing poetry, and watching it be performed, that just completely captures the soul. I have been attending a lot of Open Mic nights lately, and have been absolutely inspired. When I was about 15 or maybe 16 years old, I was very much in love with writing love poems myself. That may have been due to the fact that I had yet to experience a heart break and the pain that it can at times bring forth. I remember sitting down in my room, by window and just writing away as I listened to Boyz II Men or K-Ci and JoJo in the background. For some reason, I cannot even remember the content of those poems because it feels like a millions years ago, but yet it could have been yesterday. I do not think a broken heart is a good enough reason to stop one from pursuing a passion, but for some reason, I STOPPED writing poetry. I never had attempted to write anything of that nature since those golden days. As a public speaker, and self-proclaimed motivational speaker, I do feel the need to push myself to start exploring this aspect of who I am as a person again. I know somewhere within is a desire to maybe one day write those sappy poems I once knew so well. As I have performed spoken word before, I do believe it is a little easier to get on stage and perform Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman that it is to perform a piece written from the heart. I would love to push myself to perform a self written spoken word piece one of these days.

In my quest to reconnecting with the “true romantic” that I am, or more politically correct once was, I wrote this piece with a little inspiration from the past. I am not exactly sure what it is I was trying to write, but I THINK my heart was in the right place.


All those nights that we spent on the phone,
Yeah I know I pretended as if I did not care,
But actually, the opposite was just the case.
Yes, I also know I also made false claims,
To make sure I kept you afar.
And YES I know that I was wrong plenty of times,
But picking an argument with you just felt so so right.
With you disappearing though,
You had my mind completely turned.
I thought I had let you go,
But you keep creeping on.
I’m not sure what is that we share,
And I know I lied and said I didn’t care.
The opposite is in fact true.
I care more than you know,
And just want that chance.
I might not be the relationship type of girl,
And just might be the girl who causes havoc in your life,
But you know,
Without our bickering,
And without my nagging and pushing,
And your cursing and shouting,
I would not be sitting here,
Attempting these words,
I want you to listen.
Just Listen.

After that sad attempt to a romantic poem, I pushed myself to write something I was a little more familiar with. Something I was passionate about, and could connect with on a more personal level. With India Arie’s Testimony Vol. 2, Love and Politics playing in the background, I attended a more political or social justice piece.


I hear your cries,
And I refuse not to listen anymore,
I feel almost obligated to you,
For you gave birth to me,
Oh I hear you alright,
And I wish at times that I did not.
Your shout for help,
Reaches across the seas,
And I wish I could just take away all your pains.
There are times when I just sit by my bed,
Wondering how it that the world allowed you to fall apart.
I just sit quietly by myself,
Asking the same questions,
From people past.
Your breast has provided me the strength that I carry,
And your heart the joy that I share.
Your cut has shared with me the passion,
To give back to you,
Everything that I have been given.
I know your ins and outs,
Is a blessing on its own.
And its hard to understand,
How it is that you still stand so strong,
Even when today,
World is still against you.
I will share my love though,
With others,
And give back even just a little,
That you have given me.
Nothing stops me,
From rising,
Because though you fell,
You continue to rise above all bounds.