Whenever I get the chance, I always love to share all the things that I am obsessed with at that current moment in my life. For the most part, my obsessions last only about a week, and to be honest, with the many interests that I have, it’s usually a one week obsession unless I am engaged in research about the subject at hand. Anyhow, this week, MAKE UP MAKE UP MAKE UP is my obsession. Don’t get me wrong, as an Afropolitan Political Diva, I have always enjoyed the use of make up and have long since appreciated its many creative capabilities. This week though for whatever reason, I have make up on my mind. I just want to play with make up, buy make up, research new make up techniques, and have everyone else around me use make up. I personally think it’s extremely exciting because makeup is one of those things that every woman should embrace no matter who she is or where she comes from! (But of course keep in mind that there is always an argument to be made about extremely religious women and women in the developing world and their perception of make up and or beauty.) Needless to say, I am a believer in that it is important for women to empower themselves in whatever ways and means they see fit and if make up is one of them, so be it; that is a beautiful thing. For someone who considers herself a pseudo third wave feminist, I STILL appreciate and value what make up does and what it continues to do for a lot of women around the world. (Don’t get me started on the argument that some feminists make claiming we only wear make up to fulfill societal pressures and to please our male counterparts. I very much beg to differ. That’s another blog by itself.) Make up is not and should not be about making yourself look like a completely different person in hopes of finding “self love.” Just, you know, have fun, PLAY UP your assets and GET CREATIVE with your eyes, or your lips, your nose, cheek bones, forehead, whatever! So I say to you today, go out there and purchase something you have been dying to have in your make up collection. Orange tint lushes with nude pink lips are so in right now!! DO IT!!!! Ohhh and while you are at it, pick up a bright summer nail color:) You’ll LOVE it and feel so good.