Woman sleeping on sofa in living room, book covering face

There’s a particular self-growth that is demonstrated when we challenge ourselves to take comfort in solitude. Especially for more extroverted personalities, it’s advisable to learn from other personality types, that naturally and willingly seek for “alone-time.”

As a quintessential extrovert, I struggled even with subconsciously entertaining the idea of spending time alone. I looked at it as what would be a strange phenomena, that would perhaps take away from what I knew as “me.” I wasn’t so much scared about what I would confront in myself in spending time alone, but what I would do, and how I would keep myself entertained. Almost all my form of entertainment, up until this point, had always involved an engagement of myself with others, and as such, had no idea what me-time for me, would actually look like. Don’t get me wrong, of course I have hobbies, which have always involved me alone (reading, sewing, writing, drawing), but I never had me-time in such let me think about my personhood, let me listen to my spirit, let me slow down and read what my God is telling me and what my life is saying about me.

As such, based on my need to make some integral changes within myself, and to decipher so much of what was changing about me based on situations that were transpiring left and right, I challenged myself to do this whole “me-time” thing. I challenged myself to spend time in solitude, in silence, in quiet and reflective moments, in thinking and analyzing myself and situations, and time in learning a different side of me me, overall. And months into some quality me-time, I fell in love! It didn’t of course happen overnight, but the more that I trained myself to me-time, the more I obsessed about it. I have become an avid advocate and spokesperson for me-time, and when I say I have some form of me-time everyday, I have some form of me-time EVERY SINGLE DAY! It’s improved my relationships with people, and has allowed me to learn about, and intimately engage with a different side of my personality:)

As I will share in the video, these are the things that I have learned from Me-Time:

  1. Me-Time = Inspiration
  2. Me-Time= Effectiveness
  3. Me-Time= Understanding
  4. Me-Time= Self-Growth

Would love to hear your thoughts! What are some of you favorite ways to spend Me-Time? What do you love about it the most, and what have you learned?

-Unravel Away Artist-