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Thank you so much for stopping by, for your thoughts, as well as your willingness to learn and grow with me!

My name is Eleanor T. Khonje and I am the founder and creator of Unraveling the Mind! I’m a motivator, a change maker, and a growing critical thinker. I too am a blogger, budding entrepreneur, and a motivational speaker who is committed to living a purpose-filled, inspired, and faith driven life!

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On this platform, I will engage with topics on of inspiration, faith, passion, leadership, and social activism all to inspire us to unravel our minds and live purpose-filled lives.

Six years since its birth, Unraveling the Mind is a project that brings together the nuanced, diverse, complex and at times paradoxical elements of who we are as people.

“The purpose of Unraveling the Mind is to inspire and motivate those who hungrily want to lead passionate and purpose-driven lives that are evidenced by both personal and societal development.”

Born with the need to first and foremost inspire, to provide a space for intellectual and creative expression, as well to motivate personal and communal change, Unraveling the Mind is in short a blogging space where many spiritual, intellectual, inspiring, creative, crazy, silly and fun things happen. It is a space where we create, where we engage, where we share our faith, our intellectual, mental, and spiritual thoughts and growth. It is a space where we freely unravel our minds as we actively live purpose-filled lives, and navigate the day to day happenings of the world around us.

Unraveling the Mind purposes to inspire as it cultivates personal growth through critical thought, all in the hopes of instigating action towards community and worldwide transformation.  Through intellectual and artistic expressions, unraveling the Mind is a project and platform where purpose, passion, inspiration, and faith come together! Please keep coming back, share your thoughts, and drop me a line when you get a chance!

More on my story….


Eleanor T. Khonje, Movational Speaker and Blogger

Born in Malawi, and raised in England, Alabama, and Texas, whilst currently residing in Geneva, I am a graduate of The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva with a Masters in Development Studies and a doctoral candidate in the school of Social Sciences and Politics at The University of Lausanne. A Christian, a committed feminist, a critical thinker, and a pan-Africanist at heart, I engage with my academic, social commentary, and creative work using these approaches. As a lover of most things creative, I am in particular an enthusiast of the performing arts. Whenever inspired, I write creatively, and enjoy and humbly appreciate any platforms I get to share my art.

I am my father’s daughter, my mother’s heart, and uniquely my own multifaceted individual. As an inquisitive individual who hungrily yearns to know and to learn more, I engage with various and at times paradoxical ideas in order to strengthen my understanding of life, to strengthen my understanding of the complex nature of people, and to inspire myself to change within, and be a part of transforming my larger community. Most of my writings have a spiritual, and inspirational tone, and I write because I understand, God gave me a strong voice. My hope and prayer is to use my voice to inspire and to instigate growth and change in all of us; a growth and change that will largely and positively affect our world. As a blogger, public speaker, and performer, I hope to share through my work and through this blog, just a little about what motivates my work for justice in the hopes of leaving my audience with a sense of purpose and a little inspiration.

Beyond passionately fulfilling my everyday work responsibilities, and working on my dissertation, I enjoy daydreaming, writing to do lists on sticky notes, and skittishly studying French. I spend most of my spare time in church activities, catching up on some leisure and academic reading, hanging with friends, watching garbage TV shows, reflecting on running, reading a plethora off beat blogs, sewing, attempting to paint, writing poetry, public speaking and writing on this blog.

This blog is a collection of eclectic musings tracing my encounters and growth as an artist pursuing knowledge in its many forms.

5 Responses to “About”

  1. ladycee

    Wow! You are certainly a full on, interesting character, with depth and talent. You write well and give the impression of living a full and busy life. But most of all I’m impressed with your love, commitment and heart for the Lord.
    I look forward to getting to know you more through your posts.
    Keep up the good work of living a purpose-driven life. A woman after my own heart! 😃

  2. Eleanor T. Khonje

    Thank you, Sis!!! I can’t help but write about the the Lord, love Him and bless Him! I know that it is because of His grace that I have been given the ability and space to do and be all that I was created to be! The more we let God take us over, the more truly ourselves we become (CS Lewis). I too am looking forward to engaging on your blog and learning more about you through your posts:)


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