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Maybe writing this blog will make me feel better about my shopping habits. Soooooooo…I love shopping, I really do. I love everything clothes, shoes, makeup, and bags…more so big beautiful clutch bags. I love dressing up…well more like over dressing; whether it be for work (not really because I have to be conservative), going out, for school, for a hot date, party, for the beach, whatever…just all the time…I LOVE IT. I really think I have a problem…actually, I have always known that I had a problem but it did not really bother me until I moved to Geneva and could not actually continue to have my problem. With my American “consumerism” addiction to buying things, I never thought it was a problem in the US because well, most things are pretty much affordable. I could feed my lifestyle, I could be creative in my clothes, and I used to be able to shop till I felt sick for owning so much. Even though I gave away more than half of my closet of shoes, clothes and bags before I moved here, I still have a lot of things and even now still own what some might call A LOT (I don’t think so). I do have a considerable amount of shoes, but I really just don’t feel as if I have enough. I have clothes which can’t fit my tiny Geneva closet, but still desire to want and have more. Makeup, I just really need more and more of thatJ What I find interesting enough to add right here is that many who only superficially know me always wonder how I could possibly be so serious and passionate about this world of academics but yet me so materially obsessed with “these kinds of things” and this world bla bla bla…and like I always say, like the old saying goes, don’t a book by its cover because people are so much more complicated and multidimensional that the human brain can begin to comprehend. Our interests are who we are whether they “fit” the category of who people think you are, or are supposed to be, sometimes they simply don’t.

Ankara Swag

And, I digress…so my biggest problem right now is the fact that I have been in some serious shopping remission and I feel like the diva in me has been kinda sorta repressed. Although some people will beg to differ because I still do the whole dress up thing, I really don’t think I am as creative as I used to be or maybe I am just being super tough on myself. Yes, I do shop here and there (nothing serious of course), and yes my mother sends me wonderful packages of clothes and shoes and makeup (SHE’S A DIVA) but it just hasn’t been the same and maybe that’s expected considering the fact I am in a different place (CONTINENT) at a different time (GRADUATE SCHOOL) and maybe I’m changing my habits (RIGHT!). With that, I have been trying to figure out what has been going on and I have several theories which all point back to the fact that I live in Geneva. First, I am not sewing. I have not touched a sewing machine since I have been here which is a BIG problem considering the fact that my creative juices are not being released to make beautiful garments. Why I haven’t been sewing? TIME! Between school, school activities, research, reading, papers and internships, I have not had time to really get into that. Second, I don’t drive out here (YAY Public Transportation) and walking substantially on these tough streets has really not been good for my beautiful heels (tehehehe. Yaahh like today, one of my heels just lost it on me). I think even my lack of serious exercise, particularly serious cardio and Pilates, has got to have something to do with it…haha…but thirdly and the BIGGEST PROBLEM OF ALL…PRICES!!!!!!! Geneva is SUPER DUPER BINUPER expensive, as I have previously blogged about. Annnnddddd I also have to add the fact that people out here are really not into that whole fashion scene…not as they are back home that is.


With all that have been said…what’s my point??? My point is, people just TAKE RESPONSIBILITY! I am not writing this because yaaayyy I know I have a problem and yaaayyy Geneva has fixed it…NOOOOO…I am writing this blog to remind myself and remind all of you to just be who you are and allow the best of you to shine. Yes, I haven’t been a crazy shopper or crazy creative recently but I need to get out there and just DO IT again (a. Find money b. Go pick up beautiful green pants from yesterday), and yes, I haven’t been sewing but that’s my fault for not investing in a sewing machine and getting to work…and yes, I haven’t been to the gym but again, that’s all on me and I should do something about it. Who cares if Geneva is not NYC or Paris…I have to and will continue to do what I do and as result will collect more beautiful things:) I urge you my dear reader to also continue whatever it is that you do (just as long as it does not endanger your life or the lives of others) and HAVE TONS of doing it:)