“Purpose takes a while to find because we have to live long enough to notice our habits and preferences. When we notice what your friends ask us all the time, the little things people come to us for, the things that we love to do without getting paid for…that’s purpose.”

Clarissa Bannor is the founder and editor of This Afropolitan Life. As she shares on her site, This Afropolitan Life “is a blog that weaves African culture, history, and style with everyday life. What we eat, who we spend our time with, what we fill our minds with, what we wear, how we go about our everyday lives, in every arena of our lives. It’s a resource for understanding what shapes us as Africans, and finding simple ways to curate lives we love.”

Source: This Afropolitan Life

Source: This Afropolitan Life

Clarissa’s engagement with the complexities of what it means to carry an African identity, and her nuanced expression of what it means to be an African Cosmopolitan or Afropolitan is what keeps so many people, including myself, so very actively engaged and entangled in what she shares. Clarissa writes with a candor of someone who is clearly navigating and living in between spaces, as she boldly writes with a profound sense of pride in her duality as a Ghanaian-American.

This Afropolitan Life is a beautiful blogging space that speaks to the heart of anyone interested in learning about the multiple and diverse layers that constitute the human experience.This Afropolitan Life a space of creativity, a space of political engagement, and is an inspirational avenue and canvas for those thirsty souls yearning to know more. This Afropolitan Life emboldens what Unraveling the Mind recognizes as “the nuanced, diverse, complex and at times paradoxical elements of who we are as people.”

We here at Unraveling the Mind are honored and proud to feature Clarissa Bannor, as she divulges on what it means for her to live a passionate and purpose-driven life. Here is a beautiful moment with a woman who is committed to making sure that what she does, so perfectly fits into the overarching purpose for her life. Here is a beautiful moment with Clarissa Bannor who is authentically living her truth, as she continues to share with us what she is unraveling and learning from the questions she has about life!

What are your thoughts on purpose, and what it means for someone to live a purpose-driven life?

Purpose is one of the most fulfilling things to have in life, but is also the hardest to find. Humans are multidimensional, so identifying a single underlying theme or reason that ties all our individual passions together, can be the ultimate challenge.

When someone lives a life driven by a strong sense of purpose, it means that person can bring all of themselves to an opportunity or a situation. And there’s nothing more liberating that the ability to bring your authentic self anywhere and be appreciated and loved for everything that you are, quirks and all.

How do your dreams fit into the grander purpose for your life? 

I believe my purpose is to learn from others’ and their experiences, to enlighten those around me, as well as to uplift my community. I do this through my writing, my blog and my PR agency, Get Out There PR. Every project I dream to do I make sure fits naturally within my overarching purpose. It’s an effortless process that informs everything I do.

In living your purpose, how have you grown, and how you are impacting others and your community through the process?

Through my passion for learning, I’ve grown so much mentally, culturally and spiritually. I’ve learned how to be okay with who I am, culturally, and through that process, I try to inspire others to live their truths, to celebrate what makes us different, while highlighting every point that brings us together. As an avid learner, I try to find answers to the questions in my life and share that process with my audience on my blog, and my podcast.

As a writer and publicist, I use my skills to uplift my community by helping businesses, especially those in the African diaspora, to define their message and develop their brands in order to compete in today’s global market.

How did you discover your purpose, and what has been your experience living it? What are you learning through the process? 

I discovered my purpose by living it everyday. Purpose takes a while to find because we have to live long enough to notice our habits and preferences. When we notice what your friends ask us all the time, the little things people come to us for, the things that we love to do without getting paid for…that’s purpose. Purpose becomes real when we slow down long enough to actually take notice, accept it, and become intentional with those seemingly little things.

I’m learning to take it all in, because when there is passion behind your work, it shows and you can go from zero to 100 real quick. So I focus on the work and sit tight for the ride.

What inspires you to everyday wake up and be purposeful? What have been some your challenges? What have been your greatest learning moments? 

My work highlighting the Afropolitan experience; learning about it, enlightening others and uplifting our community wakes me up at 6 a.m. every morning. Between my family, my blog, my podcast and my PR agency, I have more than enough to fill 24 hours, but I’m learning to pace myself, which has been my greatest learning moment.

Thank you so much Clarissa for taking the time to share with us your wonderful and inspirational experience. I am so much inspired by your words, that purpose is not something that we come to overnight. It’s a process, and it is one that takes us paying attention to the affirmations from the people around us, and to the interests that we naturally have as people! There is some great advice for those of us still seeking to find our purpose in life! Spend some time being reflective about what you hear from others, and especially about that God is telling you through your everyday encounters and your talents!

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