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Confronting and Changing the Ugliest Truths about Who We Are

Weeks in the making, this hasn’t particularly been an easy blog article to write, but in the hopes of encouraging myself and someone else out there, here I am! I find that, in the hope to inspire and motivate others, I must be transparent and honest about my growth, and about what I am confronting in myself, especially as I become more deliberate about living a purpose-filled and faith driven life!

About two weeks ago, I shared a quote on the Unraveling The Mind Instagram page which stated, “Strengthen your capacity to do great things.”

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Under the post, I shared, “Merriam Webster Dictionary defines capacity as ‘a mental, emotional, or physical ability’ to do something! It’s more than critical that we build and strengthen our mental, emotional, physical and also spiritual will power to manage the tasks that will build the kind of lives that we want! We can’t and shouldn’t be passive about cultivating all these elements because how well are going to do with our purpose, lies in how well we are taking care of ourselves! As such, as you strengthen your capacity, great things will surely come your way!”

The inspiration behind this post I shared on Instagram came as an answer to a prayer that I have been praying. Let me rewind a couple of years. When I started this blog six years ago, it was because in my pursuit of knowledge, I needed an intellectual and creative outlet to share my thoughts and engage with others. As such, I only posted when I was “seriously” inspired and felt like I had something that was a must, must, must to share. Over the years, the blog has taken many turns, and as of mid-late-2015 I had an inclination to evolve it into a platform that was more so purposed not only to explore and share knowledge, but also to inspire and motivate others to personally develop themselves and their communities as they endeavor to live purpose-filled lives. Thus and thus, Unraveling the Mind of an Artist (2.0) was almost born 🙂

Just because I had an inkling and a dream to take Unraveling the Mind to the next level doesn’t mean that I did though! For months I felt overwhelmed with how to handle my time between school and work, and felt overwhelmed with this new vision that God had put on my heart. I wasn’t sure exactly where to start on how exactly to live up to this challenge to make this blog everything I am assured it can be! To keep the long story short, instead of developing the blog Instagram page which I had hastily developed without a plan, and instead of developing ideas to shape the blog, I instead started to stalk other people’s pages, and started to envy and covet other people’s entrepreneurial success.

I quickly fell into a trap I would never pray even for my worst enemy which involved me spending too much time looking and “jealousying” what other people were doing. The vice of pride pierced it’s way into the core of who I am, and boy did it loudly speak! I just couldn’t understand how someone like me, (I don’t know who I thought I was), who always strives to be the best and be the “it” at everything (another spiritual struggle), was struggling to get her life together! I allowed pride to govern how I thought of myself, and I allowed jealousy and envy to stop me from doing the work itself! Boy was I shamelessly busy stalking and rolling my eyes at the back of my ahead!

It wasn’t until I was in the midst of prayer too many weeks after I had grown and watered and fertilized this horrible attitude, that God spoke to me and admonished me. As I was praying and asking God to take this jealous, envious, and prideful ugliness out of me, and as I was asking Him to transform my blog, He simply told me to “put in the work.” His answer was so clear and so simple, as He went to show me all the work that these people had put into their blogs and their businesses. God’s reply to my prayers was the inspiration behind other post I shared on Instagram which read “Instead of looking and quietly coveting, work, believe, and you will be more than capable.”

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We are absolutely more than capable, but for us get there, we have to be ready to acknowledge and to deal with whatever is stopping us from excelling and producing excellent results! The ugly truths in ourselves could be anything from the vices of jealousy and envy as I shared here, or it could be as simple as bad time management. They could be laziness, a lack of faith and belief, a lack of vision, or simply the fact that we have gotten too comfortable with life and as such, have stopped challenging ourselves!

We often don’t bear out the ugliest truths about who we are out of fear of being judged or out of fear of being seen as less than perfect! But thank God as He already knows the ugliest truths about who we are, and is ready to transform them as soon as we earnestly ask! Confronting the ugliest truths about who we are gives us the freedom to ask to be changed; it gives us the freedom to be able to change. In confronting these truths, we take ownership of our imperfect nature, and as such  become empowered to emerge on the other side as even better people.

What ugly truths are you going to be confronting in yourself? How do you hope to emerge on the other side?

I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

-Unravel Away Artist-

8 Responses to “Confronting and Changing the Ugliest Truths about Who We Are”

  1. The Happy Soul Hub

    I’m on a similar journey and its great to hear your story, told so honestly! I guess its only when we face up to ourselves that change happens.

    • Eleanor T. Khonje

      I’m so very happy that you read and shared your thoughts! It is absolutely scary to have to look in the mirror and be confronted by aspects of who we are that we can’t even recognize. But it’s also freeing because like you said, in facing up to ourselves we allow change to happen! As you navigate your own journey strength and grace are with you! You’ll emerge on the other side:)

  2. Chinelo Nwanze

    I guess mine was not really being jealous of others but jealous of my old self that falling in love getting married being a wife and deciding to put my PH.D. on hold have now made me a lesser person than the person I was before. I stopped writing, blogging, anything that reminded me that I wasn’t in school anymore. But now fighting my way to that happy educational place again because I wouldn’t trade my hubby and life right now for anything.

    • Eleanor T. Khonje

      Those are the lies that society wants us to believe! I know they keep saying as women we can’t have it all, but because I know the God that is serve, I so believe wholeheartedly that we can! I’m so happy that you have come to this place where you understand that life doesn’t have to always go as we initially planned. That there are many ways to get to the same place or an even better place! And there are many ways in which our calling can come to fruition and be lived! Thanks for reading and sharing C. Come back:)

    • Eleanor T. Khonje

      Thank you for coming by, reading and sharing:) We only the become the best of who we are by confronting even the most ugliest aspects of ourselves.

  3. ladycee

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. Thank you for confronting those issues of ugliness, inspiring me and others to confront similar areas in their lives, if applicable.

    I am encouraged and challenged. It is easy to look over the fence and feel jealous of the green grass on the other side, not taking into consideration that this grass has been weeded, watered, mowed and tended to with diligence.

    May you continue to experience, share, challenge and inspire.


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